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June 10 2007

NY Times Story: I Was Hooked on Horror Flicks Dumped to DVD! A review, of sorts, of "The Thirst," starring Clare Kramer (Glory)--with photo!--and several other horror films which have gone straight to DVD.

A photo still of our own dear Glory (Clare Kramer)--in a pink wig and a rather snug tank top--from her film, "The Thirst," accompanies this New York Times story on horror movies that received little or no theatrical release and were instead put out directly on DVD. And there's a good reason for that.

Oh dear. And Clare wasn't even mentioned in the short review. This makes me wonder what happened James Marster's horror film (in the asylum?).
Shadow Puppets (starring James Marsters,Jolene Blalock and Tony Todd)is having a limited theatrical release in Beverly Hills starting around June 22,I believe. The DVD of Shadow Puppets is available for pre-order at Amazon now. It will be released on July 24th.
I wasn't holding out much hope for it, but The Thirst was pretty darned good for a B-grade horror flick. I'm buying it. Plus, Rasputina in the soundtrack, another Buffy fave. Ms. Kramer did a very nice job with it, she is excellent with sudden mood shifts, as we saw in her work as Glorificus, and still has that talent. Also, uh ... nice dancing. She had very little to do in The Gravedancers, which is a shame; I thought it was kind of a waste of a good actress.
Good to hear Shadow Puppets is having some sort of limited theatrical release. I keep hoping Universal is watching Waitress and will go ahead with at least a limited release of White Noise: The Light (DVD USA Halloween 2007) . Rotate the movie around the coutnry if you have to.

I will drive at least an hour to see Nathan Fillion in a movie. Waitress is now a little under an hour away. Seen it three times now.

I haven't checked google yet, but I think the Serenity Charity Screening I can go to is like 3 or 4 hours away. I'm going. Went last year. It's Serenity. It's for charity. I got prizes to deliver. Might even win some prizes too.
I just looked up The Thirst on the Internet Movie Database and I had no idea it had Whedon vets galore! Along with Clare Kramer, there's Adam Baldwin, Tom Lenk, and Serena Scott Thomas!
Tom Lenk had a small, but very funny role. Good dialogue. It's weird to see him in a non-Andrew role. There's something he does with his lips and his nose when he's Andrew that he's not doing here.

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