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June 11 2007

E!'s Fashion Police Have Their Eyes On Buffy. E!'s Fashion Police question SMG's outfit choice amid baby bump rumors.

Sarah Michelle Gellar poses for photos at a Whitney Museum benefit, thus incurring the wrath of the fashion police.

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forgive me for being a bitca, is this news?
She does not look happy. But the bump--if bump there be--shall enjoy great happiness.
It's called a sack dress and all of young Hollywood is in love with the look (ugly and shapeless though I find it). Just because SMG decides to be fashionable does not mean she's hiding something. And even if she was, her condition is private and no one's business. Lord; I blew my top at my mom a few times when she kept bugging me about getting pregnant; I can't imagine how annoying it must be when the press is focused on it.
Yeah, I don't get why they are picking on her when everyone is wearing dresses like that this season.
It's a bit tacky (the article not the dress).
Tacky, not to me, at least not the overall series of pictures and captions. But Snarky, yes. As for the general angle of the captions, they seemed no worse than most fashion/celebrity gossip stuff. I'm no fashionista, but when I worked near New York City some of my coworkers would scour this kind of stuff to find fashion ideas.

But if I were Ivanka Trump, I'd sue the bastidges. And Sarah's personal life is her own, as she's made clear over the years. If she and her husband want kids, then good for them. If not, good for them too. But I've always found inquiring into the plans, status and all that to be tacky at least. Ok, so on that point I do agree with Simon.
Bleeerrrggg. To all of it. No better or no worse than most fashion/celebrity stuff can be tacky, indeed.

"We know she's battling baby-bump rumors, but this is no way to keep tongues from wagging."

Yeah, 'cause she should dress herself to keep tongues from wagging. And like that'll happen, anyway...

She looks a little sad to me, too, Pointy.
It's tacky to dress such rude speculation in the fluffy guise of fashion. It's a cute little frock and the color works on her. The only thing that might make her look like a "shapeless blob" is the sucky angle of the photo which makes her appear way out of proportion. What does qualify someone as fashion police if they don't even know (as mentioned above)that the sack dress, the shift and the empire waist are all in fashion now and can make a gal look like she's hiding something under there--like a kielbasa or a Firefly boxed set?
Everyone's a critic these days. I don't love the sack dress look, but Sarah seems to favor it lately. Especially because she's a BCBGMaxAzria Girl.

I think she looks good though. Very tasteful. And not a county prison outfit, that's comforting.
I must be fashion-challenged (and proud of it). I see nothing wrong with the dress. It's a great colour.

Good for Sarah for wearing what she wants instead of what she's 'supposed' to be wearing.
I'm at work, so I had to resist bursting out laughing. I think SMG is a wonderful actress who has the potential to make great movies. Her fashion choice in this looks a bit scary though. She looks very thin and the sac/tent dress seems to make her seem even thinner. I think the camera is partially to blame though.
Well I think she looks great. And in the many other pictures from the event, including many cute ones with her lovely husband and a number with the also lovely Rosario Dawson, she looked like she was having a rather fun time.
That dress is to die for. Beautiful fabric, and even though I personally wouldn't choose that cut, Sarah makes it work. Her hairstyle is appropriately retro for the look, too.

What is ridiculous is that camera angle! Her arms look twenty feet long and her legs look miniscule! That photog should be smacked.
There really were much better shots of SMG they could have chose from.

As Impossible said, there were rather cute pictures of her & Rosario and Freddie. The dress may not be my taste but she makes it work.
I agree with Impossible. Most of the photos I've seen from that event have been pretty flattering. Most of the blogs around town have been especially pleased with Sarah's fashion choice as well. If anything, they deliberately picked a crap photo just to have something to snark on.

How many times must the pregnancy rumors be shot down? She wasn't pregnant (and did not have a "baby bump") a month ago and she probably isn't now. People need to get over it. A marriage doesn't need a baby to cement it.

P.S. I love the outfit. She even makes those utterly uncomfortably looking CL's work.
My lord SMG is lovely. I think she'd look radiant in a gunny (sp?) sack. Damn I miss "Buffy".
lol, I should have read the comment on E! before commenting here. I only read the comments here thinking the snark was worse than it was.

I actually don't think they said anything too snarky. The pregnancy stuff needs to stop however. SMG's been wearing these sorts of dresses for a while now.
I think she looks beautiful.

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