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May 13 2003

Buffy Auction : Bid on items from Sunnydale.

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The phone Buffy used to call 911 in "The Body!" That was the most featured of all the items; I can't believe it doesn't have more bids!
People are probably just waiting for the auction to get closer to the end. Then the furious bidding will start. I know that if I had a couple grand to blow that's what I would bid on.
Aw damn, I was hoping no one would know about this!!!

Seriously though, I notice that most of the highest bidders for these items have a zero feedback rating. I smell a lot of trolls bidding up the prices just for sh*ts and giggles. :(
oddjob: the zero feedback bidders could also be people who never had a reason to register on ebay before, and only registered now specifically to bid on these auctions.
Well if they were newbie bidders, they'd have the sunglasses icon next to them (that symbol exists for the first 30 days of a newbie being registered, and then it goes away).

Granted, I'm a little ticked at how high the auction bids are already at with a little under a week left, but when I sell stuff on eBay, I've had to retract bids on my auctions from bidders with zero feedback because they invariably don't wind up paying for their winning bids. I've noticed a lot of other sellers doing that as well, even refusing bids from bidders with less than ten positive feedbacks. So that's why I'm griping about this now.

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I've bought a bottle from the Magic Shop from the Fox Auction people before, they're very professional.
This strange little plastic angel is supposed to appear on-screen in episode 7x22. Bizarre.

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