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June 11 2007

(SPOILER) Firefly's Staite Joins Atlantis. Lucky Jewel gets to stay in Vancouver AND work full time.

"Producers of SCI FI Channel's original series Stargate Atlantis told SCI FI Wire that the upcoming fourth season will add former Firefly cast member Jewel Staite to the cast as a new doctor."

Glad to see she's going to be joining the cast of a very popular show. Hopefully, those who watch Stargate will be interested in the other stuff she's done and will look into Firefly.

Of course, if she's working full time, it'll make things a bit difficult when a new Serenity movie is greenlit. . .
If you go to the MGM Atlantis site and look at the video interviews, you can see Paul Mullie and Joe Mallozzi talk about how much they like Jewel, and they discuss her character a tiny bit. Most of the interview is about Season 4 in general. is the page where part 1 of the Season 4 preview is.
From the fun with editing dept.: "Other cast members hinted that [Jewel Staite's character] Keller may develop a romantic relationship with... [Amanda Tapping's] Carter."

Hmmmm... Finally a reason to subscribe to cable!
Full time now? Good for Jewel. Her character made a welcome addition to the final episode of season three of Atlantis and I was sort of hoping that she would be bumped up to a more regular role than was originally planned. That will certainly help with not missing Carson so much.

R.I.P. Doctor Beckett. You shall be missed.

That is until they find out that he was saved by some weird Atlantean technology we have yet to discover, of course. I can hope.
is this telling us any different? does this mean she's a regular now... or just what we've known before that she'll be in a stack of episodes.
Nah, doesn't seem to categorically say she's a regular. Last year the word was she was definitely in 8+ episodes of S4 and if the producers like her that much (and how could they not ;) i'd bet that'll grow.

Also, *Beckett spoilers* .
More Beckett *spoilers* and well Weir spoilerish talk.. .ok this whole post is all spoilers:

OH and yay for Jewel, I am soo looking forward to seeing her role. Its interesting that she will be playing the smart doctor in this one. I wonder if she will fall in for a greasy mechanic guy(or girl).
Kurya, GOOD theory about Beckett. Also, very possible!

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