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June 11 2007

The Buffy musical at the Los Angeles Film Festival. On June 27th at the Majestic Crest Theatre, there will be a 'Once More With Feeling' singalong which promises to be "the most fang-tastic night of the Festival. And according to, Hinton Battle and Emma Caulfield will be there.

Cheers to Joseph for the heads up.

Yes, I work down the block from The Crest! Snap!
I'd love to know if any VIPs were going.
This event is being hosted by Clinton, who runs the NYC sing-a-long and is part of our summer tour. Hinton Battle and Emma Caufield are confirmed for the screening. indicates that Hinton Battle (Sweet) and Emma Caulfield (Anya) will be attending the LA show. I wish I could be there!!!!
Awww... Hi Tara!!!!!
Hi, Xander! Miss you! Just programmed my new phone to count down until I leave for Denver to see you again! :)
I've added the news about Hinton and Emma being there, that's pretty darn cool.
Aw yeah, I can't wait!

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