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June 11 2007

Screen Blogger Alex Epstein references "Innocence" in sex discussion. In a e-lecture to a writing class, Epstein talks about sex scenes being dialogue in sign language, and uses the example of Angel's gypsy curse to illustrate how to make a good one.

And did you just get vertigo from reading the link title too?

(PERIODS at the ends of link titles, please! Thanks -Z.)

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I have always thought exactly that. When there is an action scene that opens a movie I find it annoying. I don't care who wins, and what's the point of watching two people fight when you don't even know the back story?

and when sex scenes drag on, sometimes I think they're trying to lure me into a comfort zone and something dramatic is going to happen and... nope. next day scene. uggh.

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There's also a reference to "Seeing Red" in there.
Ok, can someone please tell me what I'm doing wrong? I clicked on the link & got part of an interview with Alex Epstein .... no mention of Innocence or BtVS .... followed links back to the beginning of the interview, still nothing.
Help, please???
Shey here's his reference to Innocence:
AE: It's like any dramatic scene. The moment everyone is happy the movie is over, unless the moment he is happy he loses his soul and becomes a demon...

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