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June 12 2007

Amber Benson Q&A at San Fran Film Debut. Benson won the Best Actress Award at Outfest for her performance.

"Race You to the Bottom" will be opening in San Francisco on Friday, June 15th at the Roxie Cinema.

Showtimes are as follows:

Nightly at 6:30, 8:00 & 9:30

Plus Sat & Sun at (12:00), 1:45, 3:15 & 4:45.

(The noon show is a matinee.)

Amber Benson and writer/director Russell Brown will be there opening night at the 8:00 pm show for a Q&A.

Where is the news about the Q&A on the site you link to?
I'll chime in. Here is a link to the theatre info. The Roxie is a small (but way cool) indie theatre in SF. It has two screens and this is playing in the "little roxie", which only has about 50 seats. Teeny! So, get there early if you plan on going.

Also, the SF gay/lesbian film festival is playing in the main theatre. This film played that festival last year (or the year before?). It is a GREAT festival, and one of the largest film fests of any kind in the US.
It's an old Award:
Simon, the official site is obviously tardy in updating, but the film's director sent out a news bulletin about the Q&A to the site's mailing list this morning.
I just hope the film reaches Sacramento soon, even as a DVD
I've changed the link over to DearBoy's link. News about cast members is always great but we would want the relevant info on the page.
Hey, I'm just glad to hear about the movie being played locally. Thanks for the heads-up. Even though I'm going out of town on Saturday for a week, I may try to run into San Francisco to see "Racing to the Bottom".

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