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June 12 2007

Nick Brendon's 'Unholy' finally gets a DVD release date. According to Dread Central, the highly anticipated horror movie will be out on September 4th.

I've been dying to see this for ages, nice to see it finally coming out.

I want to see this, but it was held up because it's controversial? Anybody know anything about that?
I would hazard a guess that it's just PR hype. More than likely it was held up cause they couldn't find a distributor or there were some sort of legal difficulties.
Apparently, this film also now has a MySpace page.
Agreed, Simon. Back when we first thought it was coming out, I thought they could get in trouble for using a real U.S. government seal on a fake page on their website (trying to make it look like they'd been censored). Controversial movie sounds better than questionable yet unsuccessful marketing. The movie itself always sounded interesting to me.
I've been dying to see this.
So how come we keep getting crap like Hostel 2 and cool movies like this end up in the DVD straight to bin? For the same reasons VM and FireFly get cancelled while endless seasons and versions of Law and CIS come whizzing out of our TV screens at us.

The evil princes of this world are powerful indeed.
Yay Nick! Does anyone have the MySpace page url for the movie? It's always great to watch Nick perform. I just watched the Kitchen Confidential DVDs last weekend and they were great. I'm looking forward to seeing this as well. I just hope it's not too gory. That poster is wigging me out a little.

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