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June 13 2007

A fan's account of David Boreanaz in 'Spalding Gray: Stories Left To Tell'. A great write up about David's performance in the play.

Cheers to makd for such a good read, anyone from here go to see David in the play?

A superb account and I loved the link for David's photo :)

It's good to hear he is out there trying different things.

I went to see the play with David last Friday. It was a most enjoyable experience. The blogger is right, David does have awesome comic timing.
I saw the show, too... with an unexpected bonus of a talkback, which was really cool.

I lucked out with my seat... 2nd row right in front of where David was positioned on the stage. I was really impressed with his performance... he made it seem very easy (and then spoke during the talkback about how nerve-wracking it was to join a production like this!)

I snagged one picture during the talkback.
It's really nice to see DB stretching his acting muscles. He really is willing to take chances and try new things. I'm glad it's working out for him.
Go here for another account + some pics of DB meeting fans. (Also some audio and video)
I just started watching Bones yesterday, and it's been a while since I wanted to be in New York so quickly, so badly. This review doesn't help with that. :p
How are people knowing all these places to see DB? I live in the area and I only see things about his appearing here or there after the fact!

It's great to read reviews like this. It tells me there is a lot more to David than we've been allowed to see on television.
Hey Nebula ... there are some great communities on LiveJournal that really keep up with David's schedule. It's amazing what the people there come up with. Also, the official Bones website has a
forum where you can find some info as well.
The fans on the Fox "Bones" forum are very good about keeping up with DB. He's had a busy hiatus with his NHL blog & NHL commercials, his role in "Our Lady of Victory", his role in the SG play, his voice work as the Green Lantern, his movie "The Hard Easy" coming out on DVD, his appearances on "The View" and "Martha Stewart", which was a riot, DB being considered for an Emmy, and even seeing DB in the newspaper section on Sunday of "Parade" and being in "People" magazine was mentioned. I hope the rumor of him playing Namor will come to be as well. The best of all of this though is the recognition for the talent and character of David Boreanaz that is mentioned over and over in comments about him.

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