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June 13 2007

Angel: Auld Lang Syne TPB released today. This collects all 5 issues of IDW's Angel story 'Auld Lang Syne' by Scott Tipton.

Good as I couldn't get hold of the issues at my local comic book shop.
Maybe it should question whether it's worthy of the name. I mean a comic shop that doesn't stock comics ? That's an existential crisis just waiting to happen.

Wasn't bad at all, i'd easily put it among the better IDW stuff though i'm happy enough with just the singles, no pressing need for the trade too.
For some reason my LCS only got issues 1-3 in so I need to get the trade to finish the story. Unfortunately there was no guarantee my LCS would get the trade either so I ordered it from Amazon but it won't arrive until early July. :( and a few other sites are showing a June 25th date on this, though...
Amazon doesnt seem to be the best for ordering TPB's. My LCS always gets loads of the Angelverse stuff, so I am spoilt for choice:)

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