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June 13 2007

Sheriff Lamb meets Xander Harris. In Michael Muhney's latest 'Rack of Lamb' post, he mentions he's filming a movie with Nicholas Brendon.

It's a long post (mostly about his tour of Europe), so here's the relevent info:

"I returned to Los Angeles to receive an offer to star in a thriller-movie with Michael Madsen, Stacey Keach, Nicholas Brendon(Xander from Buffy), among others. I read the script and felt that if it were shot the right way, this thing could be a lot of fun to watch, so I accepted the offer and I finish up wardrobe fittings tomorrow and I begin shooting the following morning. It's so strange that I had to fly all the way to London to finally meet Stacey Keach, and on our last night together we left the Chinese restaurant where we ate dinner, we stood outside, exchanged emails, and commented on the fact that Hollywood is small, maybe one day we'd work together. Little did we know it'd only be weeks later! He and I have had a good laugh over that one."

Mr. Blonde, Sherrif Lamb, Xander and Warden Pope, all in the same flick? Sweet!
Michael Madsen and Nick Brendon in the same movie??? My head just exploded.
What movie is it? And who is the guy who is blogging? He doesn't look familiar.
kerfuffle - Michael Muhney played Sheriff Lamb on Veronica Mars.
Muhney is slowly working his way through the Buffyverse cast. There was Alyson, Charisma and Joss on VM, of course. He also co-starred with Amber Benson in "Lovers, Liars & Lunatics" and the not-yet-released "Angst," and now Nick. It's only a matter of time before he does a project with Riff Regan. ;)

And speaking of this Michael Madsen film, I wonder if it's the same "werewolf" project Amber is slated to shoot with Madsen?
Michael Muhney and James Marsters? That would be double trouble. Happy that Nick is doing another film and Michael will be there as well. You know, I saw that fire monster movie on Sci-Fi (well, the first hour or so) a few weeks ago, and Nick was the best thing about it. Silly situation and he just did his job and was very strong in spite of the goings on. Much like Nathan Fillion in Outing Riley.
Agreed Tonya. Nick was great but I didn't manage to make it through the entire thing either. I did watch him in the Kitchen Confidential DVDs this weekend and he was great and the series was really great, too.

What is this movie? I looked up Madsen on IMDB but I didn't see anything that starred Nick or Amber on his upcoming movies.
Great read, even with his tenuous connection to the whedonverse since I'm a fan of VM (and truly hated snarky Sherrif Lamb). Glad to hear that he and Nicholas are doing a movie together.

And loved the Diva quote (at the bottom). Can't quote it here for language sake, but Bill Mahr is a funny man.
Kerfuffle, the film is Shifter, and imdb hasn't listed it yet. It's being produced by Fangoria, which is also putting out a Shifter comic book this fall based on the premise of the characters. I think it's still definitely in the pre-production phase, so it could be a while before it's ready to roll in front of the cameras.
Thanks for the info, Shiai! I went to and they did have this information about Shifter, as well as an illustration of Madsen as the lead character:

A brand new take on the werewolf mythos, following the brutal life of a mob hitman who is much more than human. He can be or look like almost any beast or man, and never be stopped. At least, that is, until a rival boss calls in something even worse than he is....

Starring Michael Madsen (Reservoir Dogs, Kill Bill) in the title role!

Issue 1- October 3, 2007
Issue 2- November 14, 2007
Issue 3- December 5, 2007
Issue 4- Jamuary 9, 2008

Cool. Thx guys. Sounds promising. I hope Nick gets to play a bad guy. I just watched The Wish the other day and he was terrific as a vampire.

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