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June 13 2007

"Once in flight school I was laconic". The Internet Movie Database's quote of the day features our favorite pilot.

That is incredibly kick-ass.
The trouble with linking to the front page of IMDB is that it changes daily, it would be preferable to have links to something permanent.
That's about the shiniest quote they could have used. Much more original than "juggling geese" or "call it...This Land."
That's great. There's an avatar I use once in awhile of Angel, Oz and Doyle with the tagline of their dialogue, "Are they always like this?" ... "No, usually we're laconic."
There we go, found a permanent link for it so I've swapped the URL over.
boy that's nice!!! I love that show so much and miss it every day...

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That should give a nice bump to Firefly's imdbpro Moviemeter numbers!

If you have an account over at, this would be a good time to post some postive stuff on the Firefly message board. Like Serenity Charity Screenings etc.
Sorry 'bout that Simon! Note made for next time.
Snagged a picture of it and put it in the thread. Cause it will be gone tomorrow! Maybe there will be a Serenity quote there tomorrow. Thanks Hex for checking the home page. "Visited by over 47 million movie lovers each month! Welcome to the Internet Movie Database, the biggest, best, most award-winning movie site on the planet."

Any members remember to vote for your favorite shows and 10 for Firefly/Serenity/SLiTHER/Drive/Waitress/LOST/Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel
Looking at how people rated Firefly, I find it interesting that while more male viewers voted, female viewers rated it more highly than male viewers. The same thing holds true for Serenity.

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