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June 13 2007

James Marsters' Q&A at Collectormania is available at JMLive.

James Marsters' official site has posted a transcript of the Q&A he gave at Collectormania 11 in Milton Keynes last May.

He kept referring to his "kids". I thought he only had one son. I know he takes care of his niece, but he made it sound like he had more children himself. Does anyone know about the other(s)?
He considers his niece to be one of his kids.
For the ones like me that don't know slang... what he means when he says "she was on the poster man, everyone was on their knees 'Joss! Please'" talking about Alyson Hannigan being on the poster man?
Thank you in advance.
Looks to me like there's a typo in the punctuation. I'm assuming he meant, "She was on the poster, man, everyone was on their knees," as in "She was the 'poster child' for everyone in the cast who didn't want to sing."

ETA: It's pretty obvious that Aly's not a singer, but for what it's worth, I think she was a little harder on herself than she needed to be. After thirty years' playing music in bars, I can tell you she's a LONG way from being the worst I ever heard...

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Thank you so much Rowan Hawthorn. Now it's much clearer.
I thought he meant that she is on the poster that was used to advertise the episode, the one that is on the cover of the CD soundtrack. It shows AH, NB & SMG. If she is on the cover, she had to sing at least a little. At least that's what I assumed he meant. Nice interview. I am still hoping he will guest star on Supernatural and I am looking forward to Saving Grace and Shadow Puppets. Wish I could see him in more things, he's just too cute to ignore!!

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