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June 14 2007

Who is... Buffy? Sarah Michelle Gellar was the name to know for a Jeopardy answer. Sorry to spoil it for you...

Category: Sarah-dipity

Answer: The 1991 miniseries "A Woman Named Jackie" featured this future Vampire Slayer as the teenaged Jacqueline Bouvier.

Got to love actually knowing something on Jeopardy.

Did one of the contestants get it right?
Yes! But this particular early SMG role was a surprise to me, although I know she's been acting since childhood.
I still remember her as Kendall Hart on All My Children... Wow, am I dating myself? In my defence.... oh, nevermind. :D
I love the category name. "Sarah-dipity" would be a great name for an SMG website.
Now now, Sherrie. There's nothing wrong with dating yourself. I've been dating myself for years, and it's still going great. I'm thinking of proposing to me.
Sherrie, there's nothing wrong with remembering Sarah from AMC. How about Swans Crossing? Now makes me feel old. lol :)
I wonder whether Bob Harris was watching? (I assume he would know the answer!)

btw, $800 - I guess that's about right.

[ edited by napua on 2007-06-14 16:41 ]
Feelong old ??? I was half past my 21st birthday and a few weeks away from college graduation when she was born. Which doesn't mean I don't have a couple pics of her on my wall....
Vince - But are you ready for the trauma when you break off your engagement with yourself without an explanation?

DaddyCatALSO - I hope you don't mean "a couple of pics of her", "when she was born". Cause that would just be creepy.

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