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June 14 2007

'My So-Called Life' fans can now rejoice. This show is finally going to be re-released on DVD, at an affordable price, and with lots of extras -- one of them being a fan testimonial from Joss Whedon himself.

I'm so excited about this! I've been dying to own this show for like, ever. My So-Called Life is like the TV show anthem for my generation. I have never seen all the episodes, and I can't wait to get my greedy hands on them.
Woot! I was wondering when they'd finally re-release this! Now if only they'd release The Inside on DVD...

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The DVD was released over here in Britain about a month ago. I have been watching the episodes recently (about half way through so far) for the first time in, I guess, 11 or 12 years. I thought it might be a bit dated now, but in fact it's still as brilliant as ever.
dashboardprophet, are you sure it's the same set? I'd be surprised if they released it in the UK before the United States. They're even still working on producing the extras.

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I have it already. spent 80 bucks on it when it was first released. it was always my "insurance" in case i needed extra cash. it was going on ebay for $200+. not anymore i guess. hahaha, like i'd ever sell it anyway. of course i'll be buying this new shiny version as well. special features AND Joss goodness??? oh yeah.

Swanjun....yes, The Inside!! please!!!

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AFAIK, the UK release has basically NO extras so I doubt it's the same version. As usual we get the end of the stick no-one else wants ;(.

*clutches Angel boxed set to bosom like driftwood in a sea of "ripped-off" flotsam and "shafted" jetsam*

(and Tim Minear has said it's very unlikely we'll get 'The Inside' on DVD though I suppose hope springs eternal and all that)
ESG, you are right, it isn't the same set. As Saje mentioned, the UK DVD doesn't have any extras. In my defence, apart from old age and senility, it was the episodes I wanted to see again and the extras don't mean a lot to me.
*clutches Angel boxed set to bosom like driftwood in a sea of "ripped-off" flotsam and "shafted" jetsam*

At least there is a boxed set for you guys. Buying each of the seasons individually gets to be expensive. Then again, having absolutely no extras does bring to mind thoughts of "ripped-off" and "shafted", so I guess I see your point. ;)
This is exciting. MSCL was another cancelled before its time brilliant show. The original US set didn't have extras either, btw, so it's great that they're (belatedly) coming out with a new one that's both affordable and includes extras. Especially exciting is the mention of an extra that would detail where the series was planned to go in the unrealized season 2!

Hope this sees release in the UK too. This whole region encoding business is go se. Let consumers choose what they want to buy. How many goods DVDs get made in one region, and are not available in another? If we are willing to pay to import, then give us the freedom to watch what we buy!
Oh my GOURD.

I have had this on my christmas list for like, the past fifteen years. No one (including me) could shell out the $100 pricetag when it DID show up on DVD, and it's since disappeared. However, I keep listing it.

And now I can actually just... go buy it. Amazing.
Whoo-Hoo!!! I have come very, very close to spending $150+ on a used set on EBAY. I loved the show when it was on but never did see all of the episodes.

So many memories of being in college, sitting on the scratchy green couch next to the I guy I never dated by so wanted to, watching the series on my Commodore computer monitor which served as my television set. So much angst (both in my life and on the screen) and such a good show. And now with extras!
For all the hype about this show I've never once seen an episode. I'm 24 now, so when it was on I was 11 or 12-ish and the idea of a perfect television show was Gargoyles. I do sort of vaguely remember the show coming on and everyone raving about it and then complaining about it's early dismissal. Though part of me is interested because Claire Danes is awesome.

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like Buffy, i didn't watch MSCL for the title character. it's everyone else that makes the show so great.

but of course this is just my opinion. ;)
All the music intact, that's important. Glad they saw fit to shell out for the rights. And 70 bucks? That's a great price for this wonderful show. Then there's Joss and Janeane, and possibly the best selling point for me (shallow, shallow) - Jordan Catalano - before Leto went all mountain man. :)

I know quite a few people that are gonna be delighted by this news. Thanks, ESG, for the post!
I went into WH Smiths the other day and hugged this DVD set. True.
I saw a few episodes of this when it was on the air. I was just a bit young to really follow it, but what I remember seeing was quite good. Teenagers acting like teenagers and not what adults wanted teenagers to be or how they wanted to remember their teenage selves. Which was astonishing to see on tv. It still seems to be a revolutionary concept, actually.
Can you believe I have never seen/heard of this?
With all these testimonials I'll have to check it out.
(wait, $50 for only 19 episodes? seriously? hmm)
TaraLivesOn, you could rent it instead.
Great :)

I have seen most episodes of this show and loved it, I missed a few though, so I'll be picking it up for sure.
I loved this series so much ! I can't wait to finally get it on DVD! And Shout factory are the same people who put out the way-cool Freaks and Geeks dvdset right? The one with an ungodly amount of extras??

I hope this set goes the same route !
Oh, who would ever have thought Joss Whedon would be a fan of this show ... I just loved it, though not nearly even close to the ages of those kids (I had a crush on the father played by Tom Irwin). This is great news. Shows like this should be preserved.
Now all I'm waiting for is Daria (the complete series) to get a DVD release.
I'm waiting for Daria, too. Maybe Shout can take that on next. I know the music is the problem for that show as well.
This is such great news, I hope I can get my hands on it soon. MSCL was the first show I ever got addicted to. From the wonderful acting to the great stories. I just absolutely loved it.

Tonya J, ditto on the Tom Irwin crush...
Dammit, you! Foiled! Or, rather, SCOOPED! And by someone who has slept on my couch! You beat me to the punch, ESG. I was just about to post this very item here and thought to check and make sure someone hadn't already done so.

Woe is me! Woe is me for lagging!

And to answer someone's question of "who'da thunk Joss would be a fan of MSCL?" -- the answer is me! I did. I'm that person and that is why I hired his essay for the box set. And let me tell you, you're all going to love it. It's hilarious. It's worth buying the set for the essay alone.

The booklet also includes an essay by Michele Byers, who is co-editor of a forthcoming book called Dear Angela: Remembering My So-Called Life, and a great tribute from Janeane Garofalo.

If anyone has any questions about the forthcoming set, please refer to this thread on Or, you can stalk us on the Shout! Factory boards at

Thank you for posting, E!

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