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June 14 2007

Super-heroines to emulate. This site talks about upcoming movies featuring butt-kicking babes, and suggests which characters they should emulate. Buffy makes the list, of course.

It's a good list but only two characters really showed real depth and relatability...of course that was Buffy and Nikita. True, TV afforded them that opportunity and perhaps we'll see that with Sarah Connor now that the Terminator has been transformed into a TV series (although I'll miss Ms Hamilton). Ripley was never that interesting to me, the Kill Bill movies were gore-filled fun but little more. Props for mentioning a great show that was cancelled way too early by Fox (gee, that narrows it down doesn't it) this case, I'm referring to Dark Angel and yes, Jessica Alba was excellent as was co-star Michael Weatherby (sp?).
Uh...I think it's acutally Michael Weatherly, Calledon
Creator Joss Whedon more than redeemed himself for the forgettable 1992 flop with his subsequent TV series, which fully realized his arch metaphor of high school as hell on Earth.

As if it were Joss's fault! I can think of a long list of certain others to blame. Then again, the unwashed masses can't always be counted on for accurate information.

Ironically, I just watched the end of the movie not long ago. *readies flame-repellent clothing* You can kind of see the predecessors of the characters on the show, just in a much bastardized form.

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