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"What'd you all order a dead guy for?"
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June 14 2007

Sheldon talks Fanboys, Cancelled TV shows and Firefly. Today's Sheldon strip talks of the desires of devoted fanboys to have their favorite cancelled television show return...just like the Family Guy. Firefly, of course, figures prominently.

Nothing wrong with "Scarecrow and Mrs King". Sure it's not up there with "Bring 'em Back Alive" in the Boxleitner ouvre but then, what is ?

Course i'm still holding out for a "Manimal" film. If the DVDs were widely available we could all buy them and bring it to the big screen, just like we did with 'Firefly'.

Hey, what's with the looks ?
(Glad I'm not the only person that remembers Manimal)
I'm ridiculously excited to see the Scarecrow & Mrs. King reference. As a kid, I watched the show with my mother, who was a huge fan. I'm a little surprised that my mother isn't the one in the last panel. Although I think she'd be perfectly happy with DVDs.

That Firefly show was pretty good too.
TJ Hooker anyone? Shat's pretty hot these days - I'd love to see him sliiiide across a cop car hood again.. After they bring back Firefly of course - first things first - like they did for those family guys...

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Of course, even if they did decide to bring back Firefly, would Joss want to be a part of it? TV burned him so.

Joss? Hello?

(* imagine sounds of crickets chirping merrily in the hayfield *)
Count me in for the Manimal memories.
I remember Manimal, but I really enjoyed Scarecrow and Mrs. King. I'm a fan of both Kate Jackson and Bruce Boxleitner.

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