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June 14 2007

Not coming to a theatre near you. AfterEllen blogger laments the lack of a Whedon-helmed Wonder Woman as "what's wrong with Hollywood these days." The link to the Premiere list that inspired her woe makes this old news worth perusing.

It still smarts to think what could have been with Joss writing Wonder Woman.

Off topic, but did that photo of Lily Tomlin bear a striking resemblance to Snape? (with the upcoming book and movie on my brain, I think I'm preoccupied!)
Wow, there're Harry Potter books too ? ;-)

Gotta go with the author, apart from 'Kavalier and Clay' nothing on that list interests me that much.

As for 'Wonder Woman', it's a huge shame but I also wonder if Joss isn't actually better off out of it. There's no vibe of 'clear vision' coming from the studio and that usually spells disaster, with a capital 'Catwoman'.

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