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May 14 2003

ScoopMe! review of "End of Days". "(It) was what it said it was...the beginning of the end, and all that mattered was setting the stage for the final act."

There's another good review up at but it does have a major spoiler for the finale in it. But the reviewer there say it was one of the best Buffy episodes ever.

I liked the episode (apart from some scenes that went on for a millennium) in a 'too bad the rest of the season didn't have our Scoobs sort of in character like this and you know what, it's too late now' way. My neck hurts from spinning 180 degrees trying to follow these character-swings. Still loving Emma Caulfield's delivery. Still liking Andrew, he makes me smile. Didn't want to chop Buffy's head off this time. The Spike/Buffy dialogue made me cringe and actually go 'bluuuuuuuuuuuurgh' at my pc screen. Wish the Angel/Buffy scene had been a few seconds longer, there was some weird editing going on there -- or perhaps the encode the mpeg was choppy. The research scene was cool-ish, but its setting was crap. Kinda miss that library, eh?

I completely zoned out during the overly long exposition scene with that old wan.

Oh yeh, that Xander/Buffy scene was great - good acting from both, touching moment.
prol - what did you think about the research Giles/Willow dug up? I thought they focused way too much on Willow's computer screen and on that funky international glotteral symbol or whatever. Seemed like a lot of pointless tail-chasing that never really explained how Buffy found that tomb. Giles and Willow were acting smart, but the exposition sucked.

Agreed that the Scoobies were finally back in character. I loved every moment of Xander, Anya, Willow, Giles and Andrew. Enjoyed Spike's dialogue marginally more than Buffy's (she called him "a dope?" twice? cringe...). Cheered when Angel returned but nearly lost my dinner over the melodramatic camera shots and cheesy background music; have we forgotten that Buffy & Angel have lovely, subtle *theme* music? Come back, Christophe Beck!
I did think that Willow/Giles scene was really random. I still don't know what the purpose of it was exactly. And I also miss Christophe Beck. Soooooooo much. I wish he would have scored the finale at least. That's probably the thing I miss most as I watch my Season 3 DVD's -- the awesome music.
Wren: I'm not following any of the exposition, to be honest. Just watching for moments. The research has always been a bit 'ooh look here, everything we need' anyway, hasn't it?

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