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June 15 2007

Tom Lenk is more than meets the eye. If you watch closely you can catch a glimpse of Tom Lenk in this TV spot for the upcoming Transformers movie.

He's the one who says "uh-oh".

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I can't find him..and this bothers me.
I know I'm harping on it lately, but please end your link title with a period for the sake of usability/readability in the RSS feeds.
I saw him. It says on imdb that his character is a Pentagon analyst (Andrew working for the Pentagon. No good can come of this). I also noticed that Hugo Weaving is doing the voice for Megatron, which is absolute coolness.
I couldn't find him either; any clues for the clueless?
It's right after you see one of the Transformers (can't see which one) crashing down the street. Don't know if that really helps.
He's in one of the shots between "From Director Michael Bay" and "From Executive Producer Steven Spielberg", left of centre, sharing the screen with a blond woman. He looks even more Hobbitesque than usual.

I'll check this out even though i'm not a fan of the comics, toys or Michael Bay. 'Free' cinema tickets compensate for a multitude of sins ;).
Josh Duhamel is in it. Thank goodness my 11-yr-old wants to see it. What excuse could I use otherwise? ;)

Plus, the previews really do make it look very cool. I'm looking forward to going.
Thank you Saje! That helped a lot, and he looks great (I love the longer hair). I kind of doubt that I'll see this until it is out on DVD, but I am a big Tom Lenk fan.
Well, as somebody who has adored the Transformers since the age of five, give or take a year, this is a must-see movie for me. I mean, live action Optimus Prime voiced by Peter Cullen, the guy who voiced the animated version in the tv series and movie? How can anyone resist that? ;)

Transformer fanboy bias aside, I'd recommend the Simon Furman written Transformers stories from both the UK and US Marvel series to anyone who loves a good story. He took what was a fairly average set of characters from a toyline and turned them into some of the most interesting, three-dimensional characters to appear in comic books. And this from a range of robots that turn into other stuff. Well worth a read if you happen to be a comic fan.

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