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June 15 2007

Jane Espenson to be at the Dallas/Fort Worth CSTS Screening. Writer of many Buffy and a few Angel episodes as well as the Firefly episode, Shindig, Jane Espenson will be doing a Q&A at the Dallas/Ft. Worth screening of Serenity on June 23rd.

Jane will also be doing a book signing at Borders in Arlington, Tx on June 23rd at 6:00pm. Address and other info can be found here.

Yay!!! Just bought tickets for my sister and me. Thanks for linking to this. I'm ridiculously excited. 'Cause I'm a big nerd.
So Jealous of anyone getting to attend this event! I love that woman. I think I can honestly say this is the first time I've ever wanted to go to Texas. Have fun everyone, Jane Rules!
Love Jane - and Cedric! This will be a very shiny event!
Can't wait to see and hear Jane. How neat is that that we are finally cooler than Austin.
Its too bad my cousin does not have the good sense to take my advice about popular entertainment. I may be 1500 miles away, but he is right there! And he would love her. But he wouldn't listen. (sigh)

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