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June 15 2007

Nathan Fillion on the cover of Soap Opera Digest. Nathan will reprise his role of Joey on One Life to Live for a "Huge Event". Check out the zoomable cover. :) My wife pointed this out to me, i don't actually watch the show, but I might catch it for a few episodes of Cpt. Tightpants.

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Cool. This rumor has been popping up on a few places on the net, so it's nice to see it confirmed. The deal is that when he was on OLTL, he played Joey Buchanan, the grandson of one of the main characters, Asa Buchanan. Asa is finally going to die around the show's upcoming 10,000th episode and they're having a bunch of fan favorites come back for the funeral. You can check out this site for some of Nathan's old OLTL clips.

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I try and catch this show if I'm home - this is just...neat! And for a genre that's huge with the recasting, way unexpected!
A friend called and told me about this last night. I thought if they were bringing Nathan back they must be bringing back other people who'd gone on to bigger and better things. Looking at the other guys on that cover, I'd say our captain has definitely fared the best, since I've never heard of any of those other three dudes.

I wonder if TiVo will pick this up for those of us with the 'Nathan Fillion WishList' (if his name will be in the episode descriptions) or if we'll have to manually tell it to record the shows?
I used to watch OLTL, so I'll definitely tune in. Bringing back fan favorites will make soap fans very happy. It's great they are doing this.
Can someone please post the day the show with Nathan will air once they know it so that those of us with absolutely no interest in soaps and who don't have a TiVo can DVR the ep??? Thanks! :)
It'll be funny to see if he can work his "Did I leave the oven on?" expression into his performance.
I'm suprised to see him back on a soap opera. Should be interesting. Maybe he'll have so much fun that he'll decide to reprise his role full-time.
Thanks, BrewBunny, I was looking for OLTL clips with Nathan for about 30 minutes last night and only found a single, 19 second clip in which he gets caught kissing some girl.

I'm going to have to watch this... but as Tara said, does anyone know what day it's actually on?
I saw this posted on a forum.
"John Loprieno (Cord) and Nathan Fillion (Joey) have been added to the list of actors returning on July 31st to attend Asa's funeral."

So will Nathan be in New York to shoot this? If he's in the big apple maybe he can stumble onto the Law & Order SVU set for guest appearance. *crosses fingers*
A friend told me about this last night. With all the Joey Buchanans they have had on that show, I'm glad they're bringing Nathan back - he was the best of any I saw, although I have to admit I haven't seen that much of the show. I watched mostly when Nathan was on, which led me to Firefly, which led me to Buffy... you know the rest. ;)
Thanks, kerfuffle, for the date! :) Maybe if Nathan is in the biggle apple, he can stumble onto me... >:}
What? Well, this is unexpected. Hey, I'll watch it. Never watched that soap, but hey, it could be some good clean dirty fun.

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I think it says the magazine is actually SoapOperaWeekly.
Some posts over on another board are now saying that the deal with ABC hasn't actually been worked out. So maybe not after all ...
Found a copy of the magazine at Books-A-Million. Not yet available online.

At press time, Fillion's deal had not been finalized. Fillion, who last appeared on OLTL in 1997, is best known for starring in the popular 2002 sci-fi series Firefly and its 2005 big-screen counterpart, Serenity, as Capt. Malcolm "Mal" Reynolds.

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