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June 15 2007

We're Numer... Serenity Clocks in on Rotten Tomatoes' "Journey Through Sci-Fi" Top 100 List.

48! Above such movies as Return of the Jedi and Planet of the Apes. ...How does "Galaxy Quest" make number 13 though??

While the list did contain some great Sci-Fi movies that are often overlooked, some genuine classics were relagated to languishing in mid position on the list. *shakes head*

And Serenity at #48?!! WTF?!!

Added to that, Rotten Tomatoes' "critical consensus", which is worthy of a FOX TV ad blurb for Firefly:

Snappy dialogue and goofy characters make this Wild Wild West soap opera in space fun and adventurous.

Again, WTF?!!!

Serenity received great reviews on Rotten Tomtoes. A far higher percentage of positive to negative than many other movies did.

The ranking of Serenity, along with the mediocre ranking of several ground breaking Sci-Fi movies, makes this list a very puzzling one indeed.
That critical summary is pretty much correct, I'd say. Most of the reviews sighted snappy dialogue and slightly off-the-beaten-path characters, and it's a space soap opera with a wild west twist.

Personally, I think coming in the upper-middle of a top 100 sci-fi films list is a pretty good achievement.
Perhaps the "critical consensus" offered a loosly accurate overview, but the choice of a word like "goofy" really throws off the effect. And that consensus, while flawed, came closer to a take on Firefly, not Serenity.

Serenity had a much darker tone to it. Imagine someone reading that consensus with words like "goofy", "fun", and "snappy", only to have the story intro include three people ruthlessly killed by a sword?


Just my opinion, but that "critical consensus" was off the mark.
The critical consensus there has been in place since September 30, 2005, and yeah, it's always bugged me.

But I'm definitely not complaining Serenity has come in at #48 on a list of the best sci-fi movies ever.
If they hadn't gone with the "adjusted" score of 79.0 and had gone with the 81 "tomatometer" score, Serenity would've been about #34 or 35. Right in there with Bladerunner, etc.
They're comparing Serenity to Ghostbusters...
Well, Ghostbusters is one of my favorite movies...

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