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June 15 2007

Chart positions for Joss' comic book treble in May. Buffy, Astonishing X-Men and Runaways all came out on the same day last month, find out how they fared in the Direct Market Sales Chart.

And for those who don't like to scroll, here's the stats.

No 6: Astonishing X-Men #21
No 12: Buffy #3
No 58: Runaways #26

Buffy continuing to go from strength to strength especially if you look at the reorders for the first two issues in May (via Comics Continuum).

No 111: Buffy #2
No 144: Buffy #1

It's great that 'Season 8' is holding its own, apart from a couple of titles it's really only coming in behind the comics you'd completely expect to be further up the charts (i.e. event stuff or untouchables like 'Amazing Spider-man' or 'Astonishing X-Men' ;). And depending on actual sales 'Runaways' doesn't seem to have had much drop off either.

The share figures are pretty startling though. Things are not exactly rosie at DC.
For those not hip to the scene, for Buffy to crush books like Uncanny X-Men, Batman, Wonder Woman, the climactic ending to a year long weekly series called 52, Green Lantern, etc, etc is an amazing feat. Especially when you consider its not the first issue of the series. (Usually the number one of a series can be a huge sales success and within a few issues the series has lost all its sales steam and is cancelled soon after.)

For perspective, itís the equivalent of Veronica Mars beating Heroes or Lost in the ratings.

I would like to believe these figures are due to all the non-comics reading 'Verse fans buying copies. It tickles me to think Joss is bringing in extra comics readers by the boatload. We need more comics fans! I think I've said this more than a few times but here goes again...

When you are in the comic shop buying Buffy, pick up a copy of another book. When you come back for Buffy, buy the next installment of that other book. You will be amazed at the continuity of many of the series that have been selling for a really long time.

For me, thatís a huge part of my experience in Sunnydale. Everything is built on what came before. Its true of many comic titles and it makes them that much more enjoyable. Nuff Said!
Great news! Joss is tearing (tearing) them up as always.
Great numbers for Astonishing X-men too, I had no idea it was doing so well.
As for Buffy, I am very happy that the sales numbers are holding but I wonder if it will change when BKV takes over. Will there be less interested without Joss writing it, or maybe BKV's name will bring new people.
In related news his Y the Last Man vol 9 was number 1 in graphic novels leaving all the CW books behind.
Dark Horse must be loving this. Look how far down you have to go below Buffy to find another book that isn't DC or Marvel. Amazing.
I'm sorry 'Runaways' isn't doing a little better, because I'm loving it, but of course I'm thrilled that BtVS S8 is doing great. I am a new comic book reader (I had been one back in the 1980s), and I'm currently following at least 7 different titles; awaiting Brian Lynch's new Spike series, and his Angel S6 too!
Wow, these are amazing numbers. AXM still up there despite the delays, Buffy holding steady among giants and Runaways doing ridiculously better than ever.

alexreager, Joss is definitely bringing over some people who had nothing to do with comics, and that is a reason why companies like Marvel are making a huge mistake letting him go. Huge crossovers are only hurting them in the long run, while people like Joss Whedon only manage to cross over fresh audience and bring critical adoration along with them.

Anyways, enjoy it while it lasts. To me, the day that saw the release of all AXM #21, Runaways #26 and of course Buffy #3 was unparalleled to anything monthly comics had given to me in the past as a medium.
This is great news. Nobody can claim that there isn't a huge interest in "Buffy". Well they could try but it would be quite silly of them. :) Like always, numbers speak truth. Buffy lives.
I'd also like point out that the first two issues of Buffy did really well in terms of re-orders in May so I've included those chart positions up at the top as well.
This is wonderful news! Goes to show that Buffy fans missed her and her friends. And that no matter the medium, we fans just wanted to visit with these characters again. This is such a success! Congrats to Buffy, Joss, & Dark Horse.
I know we fans missed Buffy and her friends, as you say maje, but my question is this - did she and her friends miss us?

Oh wait, I forgot. They don't know about us. We, the audience, are all omniscient stealthy voyeurs. Well, except maybe for that cheese guy. Somehow he managed to break cover.
urkonn, I'm sure lots of new people will pick up Buffy #6 just because BKV is writing it. And hopefully all the Whedon fans who got into comics because of Buffy will become BKV fans (like me). The fact that BKV's books, like Y:The Last Man and Runaways, are out in trade makes it easier for non-comics people "cross over."
And alexreager, I'm doing my part...the comic shop has become an exciting new source of income depletion for me this year.

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