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June 15 2007

Movie Sequels That Should Have Happened. Tom Long / Detroit News Film Critic - writes about five movies that should have had sequels including Serenity.

Had enough of sequels yet?

Here we are in the seventh weekend of the summer season, and we've already had six sequels. This week it's "Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer," last week it was "Ocean's Thirteen," next week it's "Evan Almighty," a movie most folks don't even realize is a sequel (or at least a spin-off) to "Bruce Almighty," a movie few even remember.

Oh, it's not too late!
I canít agree with most of the films on Tom Longís sequel wish list, but a Serenity sequel? THAT would be fabulous!
Heh. That's an odd list, but then both Long and Lawson over at the Detroit Free Press are pretty idiosyncratic in their film faves. Glad to see they agree on Serenity though!
A Long Kiss sequel is actually possible; Samuel L. Jackson's currently getting together some writers.
It's definitely not too late. Universal has until Sept. to make a decision. Lots of lesser movies have had sequels, why not Serenity? I'm still not giving up hope.
I read this week that a second Long Kiss is in the works... I'm living for the day I read a second Serenity is in the works....


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ElectricSpaceGirl, why does Universal have until September to make a decision?
After that all the cast turn back into pumpkins.

(actually that may not be it, i'm partly guessing)

Very odd list. Apart from 'Serenity', 'Long Kiss ...' seems the best prospect (and apparently now the most likely too. Bonus ;). She was a very interesting character and the dynamic between her and Sam Jackson was great. It was a genuine man/woman buddy movie in a lot of ways (OK, they slept together but I think that was more the "try it and see" aspect of both their characters).

And y'know, one of the things I respect about George Clooney is, he totally doesn't feel like he needs another hit. Saw an interview once where he talked about how rich he got off (I think) "Perfect Storm" and how now he can just make the films he wants to make (following that we've had 'Solaris', 'Syriana', 'Good Night and Good Luck' etc. Varying merits as films but bold choices in a lot of ways).
Out of Sight hasn't had a sequel, but it performed the inverse-Firefly manoeuvre by leading to a swiftly cancelled TV series ;)
Sigh: schizophrenia does not mean what that author thinks it means.
Grounded said: Out of Sight hasn't had a sequel, but it performed the inverse-Firefly manoeuvre by leading to a swiftly cancelled TV series ;)

Oh, man, did you have to remind me?! I loved Karen Sisco! Such great chemistry between Gugino and Forster. In some ways, it was even better than the movie. :(
Now I regret passing on it when it popped up late on ITV in the UK :(

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