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June 15 2007

Creation announces "Salute to Supernatural, Smallville and Buffy/Angel" convention. The event is scheduled for November 11-12 in Chicago. No Whedonverse guests announced yet, but many castmembers have appeared at various Creation cons in the past.

How about we start a wishlist?

JARED! After missing him TWICE in the past month, I'm determined to meet this boy.

Surely someone here as been to a CreationCon before...are they run pretty smoothly? Not overbooked?
My husband and I attend the Star Trek Creation Convention every year when we vacation in Las Vegas. That one is a huge event, but it never seems overbooked.The only issue we have had is that we seldom receive our tickets before we leave for vacation, but they always have them at the door when we get there. I always bring a copy of my order confirmation as proof that I did purchase tickets. Over all, everything goes smoothly, and we always have a great time.
Ooh, my two fandoms AND in my neck of the woods. Seriously tempting, thanks for posting this.

As for a wishlist, given Alexis Denisof was booked for the cancelled Booster con in Kentucky it would be nice to see him come to this one in Chicago.
Wrong side of the pond for me. It will be interesting to see the guest list evolve though.
Man, just when I moved out of Chicago. Sounds like fun though (and right by my birthday)
Thanks Mei Mei! I've had people tell me great things about their ST cons and then not-so-great things about some of their other cons. I'm interested b/c it's all my fandoms at one gathering!
I am so excited about this con! Supernatural has become my obsession and to also have Buffy/Angel guests is just the icing on the cake.

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