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June 15 2007

Universal HD changes the date for re-airing of Firefly. It will now air on July 21st at 9pm.

Is it okay to act silly in threads we know will get deleted?

Booga Booga!
And then won't you feel silly if this thread is preserved? For ever and ever? And then... I don't know, that becomes embarrassing to you somehow? Jeez, I'm not at my best at one am.
Well, if not deleted, at least fixed. This is what happens when you don't put things in the proper places on the post form.
See, now what have we learned, hmm ? Set in the internet version of stone for all eternity. And remember, if the wind changes, you'll be stuck like that.

Has there been any confirmation that the DVDs are getting a re-release in HD ? Seems a sensible move but it'd be nice to hear it (and get release dates, news of super-special extras like e.g. just off the top of my head, commentaries for every episode. Greedy, moi ? ;).
There all fixed. Anyhow enough teasing. Remember if you aren't sure about how to make a front page, read the following.
Thanks Simon, from now on, I will ony post to the Firefly / Serenity area, but I will refer to the above link first.

Thanks again for clearing the mess.

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