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June 16 2007

Trailer for Alan Tudyk's new movie '3:10 to Yuma'. A remake of a classic western, it also stars Russell Crowe and Christian Bale.

Wow, Alan Tudyk will be in three movies out at the same time, soon we'll all be playing Six Degrees of Separation from Alan Tudyk!
Looks pretty decent, great cast and I guess i'm grateful for any scrap of modern western I get thrown. I suppose they had to action it up a bit for today's audiences (the original is more an exercise in suspense - and Glenn Ford was a frikkin' genius IMO, he had a look that allowed him to play both sides of the fence and the talent to match).

Hardly recognised Alan but if he's the main baddie's number 2 that's a reasonable part (and seems expanded in the remake). It'll be good to see him get his teeth into a villain.

ETA: And the reason I hardly recognised Alan is ... he's not playing the villain's number two, he's playing one of the goodies (who may have been slightly rejigged from town drunk to town doctor - still, possibly a drunk - pity, I really do want to see him tackle a baddie part). Hi-def trailers are your friend kids ;).

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Heeee, you could do a fan video mashup with that trailer and some of the more Western scenes from Firefly.
Strange that I should see this today... as I'm leaving for a week in Yuma tomorrow.
Not having seen the original, I think that looks great.

Though I do generally hate the idea of remaking respected movies...
I am so excited to see this. I do love a good western.
Before I read the comments, I thought Yuma must be somewhere in Japan. I *am* ignorance.

I second the yays for westerns. I don't understand why there aren't more being made.

Saje, have you seen Alan's guestie on CSI ? It made my blood run cold. That be some serious villainy.

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I haven't yet, remember at the time thinking it'd be worth a look (and it's hard to imagine a more 'villainous' type of villain).

May have to *cough* acquire it somehow *cough* ;).

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