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June 16 2007

IMDb's latest poll: Favorite cancelled TV show? And guess what's a choice? (Poll now closed btw).

Firefly, Veronica Mars AND Wonderfalls... I'm sensing there being a risk of vote splitting here...
Don't tell me Futurama kicks our asses?
Unfortunately, more people know Futurama than Firefly. I'm not saying it's right...
Seems as if it is at this point.

Voted...for Firefly of course. :)
"Futurama" is great (and even coming back), but "Firefly" has got to win this one.
When I clicked on this link, the Firefly pick was already highlighted. IOW, I'd already voted in this Poll..... months ago. Seems the Futurama crowd never left. As if we needed it, this is more proof that Polls like this are fun, but not all that useful. JMHO
OMG, I have to choose between Firefly and Freaks and Geeks? Noooooooo! Seriously, you guys don't know how devastated I was that F&G was cancelled. *sigh* But I gotta show my Browncoat pride, because I probably do love Firefly more.

I have to admit I'm glad Angel isn't on that list, because that's the cancellation that hit me the hardest.

Go, Firefly!

(Yes, I take these polls very seriously.)
Hmmm, I think it's unfair that Futurama is on the list, given that they are currently in production on what is - for all intents and purposes - a new season.
Of the ones to choose from, I had to pick Firefly... but Angel is the one I WOULD have voted for. Hands down.
Firefly, no doubt. Though if anything could've tempted me away from my Browncoats--fat chance--it would've been the Bluth family. God, I miss that show.

If Angel had been included...I still woulda voted for Firefly, because even though Angel's cancellation stung, the truth of the matter is that we got 110 hours of Angel and around 17 of Firefly (counting Serenity). Plus Angel has always been my least favorite Joss show...though saying that is saying that there's only two shows better than it, ever.

And hey, we're getting comics for both soon!
Tough choices, with VM, Firefly, Wonderfalls, and Sports Night... I really miss Sports Night. I admit to being pretty surprised by the results though, I figured Firefly or VM would take the top.
Heavy competition! I voted Firefly, but I also really loved Sports Night & Futurama.
You got to love ElectricSpaceGirl! As for me, I was torn and twisted, I had to vote for "Deadwood". Ahh, before you pull out your peaches and beef steaks for tossing, please allow me to explain. "Deadwood" never had closure. And it now appears that David Milch and HBO will not honor their promise to their fans. I'm very upset over that.
As much as I absolutely LOVED Firefly, I had to go with Arrested Development. I still miss that show desperately.
There were a lot of great choices there, but honestly I had to go with Futurama. I realize it's on the way back, but it's one of my absolute favorite shows. Firefly is great, but it can't eek out Futurama in my heart. Had Futurama not been there, I probably would have gone with Arrested Development. Firefly would be fourth (then Veronica Mars and Wonderfalls; I haven't seen the other shows).
Arg!! How can they ask me to choose between both 'Firefly' and 'Veronica Mars'?!? I so desperately want both of them back on the air. I already know that 'Firefly' is so dead, its beyond dead, deader than dead. But VM, I mean, geez, a little CPR, and it could come back, couldn't it?

And of course I want both 'Arrested Development' and 'Wonderfalls', but they are done.

'Kitchen Confidential' and 'Surface' should also be on today's poll list. Hopefully they will be on the next one.

But yes, I voted for 'Firefly'. Then I went back and voted for VM, then voted for AD, then for 'Wonderfalls'.
I dropped by on and voted. I chose Firefly but I gotta say it, too. If Angel had been on that list, I'd have voted for it, instead.
Goodness, even "I have no opinion because all these shows sucked" is beating us. Ah, how have the mighty Browncoats fallen!
I think the mighty Browncoats are mainly just tired.
And they're incredibly over these types polls.

I'd vote, but...neh, it's not like it's going to make one iota of difference anyway!
Futurama 5076 (21.5%)
Arrested Development 4448 (18.9%)
Firefly 3850 (16.3%)
I am not a fan of any of these shows, therefore, I have no opinion. 3724 (15.8%)

Now, we are beating the "I am not a fan" Whoo-hoo!

Is this a one vote per registration poll?

Also when will it close. Like 20 minutes from now?
Yay! Firefly is now beating out 'no opinion' (LOL). I think the only purpose of these types of polls is that it helps keep Firefly listed as a great show that people should watch on DVD. I would hate for Firefly to be left off of lists like this.
Guess it doesn't stop based on USA eastern time.

Futurama 5226 (21.4%)
Arrested Development 4651 (19.0%)
Firefly 4022 (16.5%)
I am not a fan of any of these shows, therefore, I have no opinion. 3836 (15.7%)

Remember anyone who hasn't voted on individual movie/tv show pages, you can do that do... you know like 10 for FIREFLY/SERENITY/BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER/ANGEL/SLiTHER/DRIVE/WAITRESS/WHATEVER. Was there a show movie called WHATEVER?
Final results:

From this list of cancelled TV shows, which was your favorite? (Originally submitted by A. Cartwright, and, yes, we will re-run this poll with other picks.)
Futurama 5409 (21.2%)
Arrested Development 4877 (19.1%)
Firefly 4206 (16.5%)
I am not a fan of any of these shows, therefore, I have no opinion. 3965 (15.6%)
Freaks & Geeks 1659 (6.5%)
Veronica Mars 1642 (6.4%)
Deadwood 1090 (4.3%)
Sports Night 724 (2.8%)
Star Trek Enterprise 699 (2.7%)
This is too tough to decide. 519 (2.0%)
Invasion 360 (1.4%)
Wonderfalls 336 (1.3%)

A total of 25486 votes were collected.
Great for Futurama! But way too little votes for Sports Night.
Wonderfalls was robbed! I demand a recount!
A lot of people clicked on the show link on the poll and checked out Firefly's page on because it's moviemeter number went from 442 to 61.

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