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June 16 2007

Your Paper Overdue? ... You Got a short reprieve. Independent Scholars extended the abstract deadline for the Buffy - Hereafter-Conference.

The "Interdisciplinary Conference on the Work of Joss Whedon and its Aftereffects" in Istanbul from Oct, 17 - 19

BUFFY HEREAFTER: From the Whedonverse to the Whedonesque!

extended their abstract deadline until 25th of June.

Academic interest beginning to fade, I wonder?
or maybe they're busy organizing csts-screenings...
Extending deadlines for papers is common practice in academic conferences.

Unfortunately, the conference would more than exhaust my annual travel budget, seems like it would be interesting.
Istanbul. Wow.

I attended the last Slayage conference -- no research for me, just as an observer -- and I'd thought for some time I'd attend the next one in 2008. Recently, however, I've had doubts about attending because there just isn't much new material for academics to draw from. The new Whedon comics are out there of course, but that's just not the same as years-long story arcs from his series.

Tough call. My budget and work schedule won't allow for mulitiple conferences next year, and I really need to attend the one in my academic field, which I bypassed last year in favor of Slayage. Hrm.

Istanbul is definitely out of the question for me, but it surely will please those Europeans unable to make it to the States for last year's Slayage.
I don't think the problem is lack of scholarly interest; I think it's the locale. I'd love to go to Istanbul but I certainly can't afford it.

That said, some new material would be nice.

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