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June 16 2007

Audition for Buffy: Between the Lines. Fancy yourself playing Spike or Tara or even the Buffybot? Then why not audition for an upcoming serialized, podcast fanfic audio drama. There's tons of roles to choose from.

Actually, I always pictured myself as "Giles". Hmm, an interesting idea.
Yeah, I was seeing myself a Giles, but I recently got a crew cut, so now I'm more likely a vamp extra.

Maybe one of Harmony's minions.

It does look like fun! I wish I could read a whole script though so I could have a fuller understanding of what the one person my voice be right for, is like.

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@Chris inVirginia the beauty of audio - we don't see your crew cut! ;)

@Tonya J - you should know most of the regulars - there's only a couple Original Characters... if you have any questions let the group know. And the cool thing is that if we think you're better suited for another character - we'll probably suggest you try that one.

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Unfortunately, I haven't watched as much Buffy as I would have liked. But I've watched quite a bit. So, I think I might try just for the hell of it. 'Course, that means I have to find a working mic... Hm...

I wish I could find some information on how they'd actually be recording the episodes. I'll have to look more into this, it would be fun to test my acting. I've done stage and camera work (unprofessional), but never voice work.
Hey JediJuggler! I have answers! Actors will be given scripts and will record from home. Some conference calls via Skype may happen, but in general it will be you and your mic. The rest will be up to the editing team. Feel free to email with more questions or clarifications though.
Ooh. If I were a voice actor... Hey, I know an actor. Maybe I'll see if he's interested.
ESG, anybody can be a voice actor. You just need a voice and the confidence to use it, which admittedly can be difficult. I'm thinking of trying out for Faith.
I have seen every episode of Buffy at least 3 times each.

Who is Javert?
Javert must be one of the characters not in Buffy. Unless he's entirely original, I'd guess he's from Les Miserable.
Given his dialogue and the fact he's a vampire with a Napoleon complex, i'd say he's the baddie (and an original character).
Oops. I guess I should have read the script.
I am responsible for the Javert dialogue and Saje is right he's an original baddie.

dreamlogic the scripts aren't on the website yet but you should definitely try out for Faith.
ESG, anybody can be a voice actor. You just need a voice and the confidence to use it, which admittedly can be difficult.

Yeah, I'm too self-conscious and I cringe at the sound of my recorded voice.

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Oohhhhh... if I can get the equipment I'm going to go for Anya.
(Hubby says I'm most like her anyway. That's a good thing, right?)
How cool is this? I LOVE this idea. I am definitely going to audition. Like most everyone else,I've got to get the equipment but I'm in!
@ESG - that's how I felt when I started my podcast, but now I'm used to it... you should def try out!
At least these guys have a Tara, unlike a certain comic book writer who invented the character. Maybe fans know what they need after all. Hmmm.
After looking at the audition pieces, it seems the only characters my voice is really suited for are Xander and Jinx. Interesting pair.

But I may still audition for Spike as well...

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