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June 17 2007

Ron Glass invites you to get on the Browncoat Cruise. Over at, they've posted a cool video promo for the Browncoat Cruise, narrated by Ron Glass and featuring music by the Bedlam Bards, both of whom will be on the boat this December.

The direct link to the video is here.

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Hmmm.... I've known about this vid and the link to it for awhile, but still can't get it to play. Anyone else having trouble?
Works fine for me.
It took awhile for it to load but it finally played.

Makes me want to buy my ticket.

The 7 MB video requires Apple's QuickTime to play:

We'll add a smaller version soon for those with slower connections.

Browncoat Cruise / Done The Impossible

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A very shiny promo vid indeed! Makes me wish so much that I could go.
Ron is such an awesome person!
Ya'll who get to go are gonna have such a good time. :)
Now that's what I call a cruise commercial. It should be added to the cruise website.
it should. glad I am going, however I really should book that flight soon, and I hope whatever job I will have in the fall will allow me for that week off :S
FWIW, I admit to feeling a little giddy to hear a cast member utter the words "attend a Can't Stop the Serenity charity screening". How far my little baby has come. Heh.
For those having difficulty playing the quicktime video, here is a lower quality YouTube version:
Bix, I know exactly how you feel. It made me nothing short of giggly to hear BDHs voicing parts of Done The Impossible. :)
Me too :-) Jeremy and I were elated hearing Adam and Jewel speak the scripts we wrote for Done The Impossible. Too fun!
The Cruise main page is updated, and here's a link for the 7 MB version and a YouTube version:

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