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June 17 2007

Dublin CSTS screening reports fundraising total. Almar_Sare reports (converted to US currency) a take of approximately $4,329.14 for Equality Now from the Dublin event -- the first such report to be posted as this year's global charity screenings get underway.

Meanwhile, a report from the Oxford screening (also on 16 June) says there were three times as many people as were at last year's screening.

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Congrats to Almar!! A great start to this years CSTS madness.
A big well done to Almar and the Irish Browncoats. Sounds like it was an awesome night.
Gazes at news with awe . . .
Great stuff, Almar and all those who went!
The direct link to Dublin's note is here: Forum Link.

Now, once Oxford's crew wakes up and posts about their event, I can quit hitting "refresh" in the forum every five minutes...
Wow! $4,329.14 from one screening! Whoo-hoo!
Here's the direct link, just add #msg2707
to the end of the URL for it to auto-scroll
That's a great start. Nice job!
Thanks everyone. It was indeed a fantastic day. Hope all the rest of the screenings go as well, if not better.

Now that the panic has subsided, I am already looking forward to next year.
Fantastic!! Great job! I'm really looking forward to my local (Melbourne's) CSTS event this Saturday.
almarsare | June 18, 10:46 CET
"Now that the panic has subsided, I am already looking forward to next year. "

Wow that is wonderful. You know B!X head exploded last year when someone mentioned "next year" so soon.
I don't think my head exploded when an organizer from a completed event said that. It was when we were still 2, 3, 4 weeks out from any of the events and people would mention "next year".

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