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June 17 2007

Star Wars: Robot Chicken premieres tonight. Seth Green's Robot Chicken spoof on Star Wars airs tonight on Cartoon Network at 10:00 pm.

Oh I am really looking forward to this!
Already got it marked with a reminder on my guide. :)
Can't wait!
When are they going to show Robot Chicken in the UK?!?!?
It's up on for anyone who missed it.
-=NeoDoug1=- they show RobotChicken on Bravo in the UK.
They do??? How come no-one told me?! Cheers for that Simon.
It was on every hour on Cartoon Network, and was very hi-larious! Seth, you so ROCK! ;-)
Ack! I was so looking forward to this! How did I miss it?? Funny... I was even thinking about setting the Tivo for it a few days ago...
Don't worry, AnotherFireflyFan, they'll re-run it. They ran it three times last night, that I saw.
Absolutely hysterical - I feel fortunate I wasn't drinking anything at the time I was watching because it all would have exited through my nose for sure. I loved Palpatine complaining to Vader about his moping over "Pedamame, Panda-bear, whatever her name was." Hee hee. Seth Green is a twisted individual (luckily for all of us).

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