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June 17 2007

(SPOILER) Doug Jones gets prop for his Silverness from Ain't It Cool. A sample of the props;"And Doug Jones? GOD BLESS YOU FOR EXISTING! Amongst all the cg, all the silliness you lent the Silver Surfer the poise and the grace that only one who had soared the space ways of the infinite could have." Spoiler tag for F4 fans.

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I was very disappointed when I heard (on the Ebert & Roeper review show) that they weren't using Doug Jones' voice for the Silver Surfer. What a gyp.
You could see him even behind all that CGI. They were able to retain the expression and character in his face. I too was disapppointed that they used the voice of Mr. Gina Torres.
Poor Dougie is always getting cast in parts only to be the pretty face and not the voice, and he has a very nice voice. Abe Sapien (although in the second film he gets to voice the character - yeah!!), Pan in Pan's Labyrinth (ok - given it was in Spanish but he did try), and now the Silver Surfer. When will the studios realize he is more than a pretty face and an extremely flexible body. Actually I would like to see him and Jim Carrey in a movie together the contorting features alone would be worth the price of admission.
On the upside, a lot of the reviews for "FF: Rise of the Silver Surfer," both print and online, praise Doug Jones by name and know who he is (they mention "Pan's Labyrinth" and sometimes other work as well). I think he's reaching a kind of name value tipping point where future employers (I hope) will recognize that it's to their advantage to highlight his participation in their films and stop voicing him with someone else. I actually don't mind the "Pan's Labyrinth" dubbing, as if that's what Guillermo Del Toro wanted Pan to sound like, it's very, very different than Doug's actual speaking voice. In "Silver Surfer," what's really weird is that most of the time, Laurence Fishburne doesn't even sound like Laurence Fishburne -- the vocal quality the Surfer has is very much *exactly* what Doug Jones can do, so that's a real shame (no offense to Mr. Fishburne, but there seems no artistic reason to not use the onscreen actor's voice in this case). Meanwhile, Mr. Jones remains a Gentleman and a Surfer :)
Doug's awesome shininess compensates easily for Jessica Alba's weird and kind of annoying blond wig (which happens to be as strange as Halle Berry's wig in the first X-Men Movie) or blue-contacted lenses.
Mr. Gina Torres voice was cool, but I hope directors will give more chances for Doug to shine beyond just corporal movement.

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