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June 18 2007

Sales of Buffy season 8 go from strength to strength. According to, Buffy #3 shipped an estimated 106,634 copies to North American comic book shops (10,000 more than Buffy #2 did the previous month). There was also some very healthy re-orders for the first two issues as well.

Here's the figures so far.

March 2007
9 Buffy #1 $2.99 109,919

April 2007
12 Buffy #2 $2.99 96,409
125 Buffy #1 $2.99 16,874 *

May 2007
12 Buffy #3 $2.99 106,634
111 Buffy #2 $2.99 20,207 *
144 Buffy #1 $2.99 15,239 *

*Issue re-ordered.

Couldn't expect anything less. This IS Buffy. :)
Well, I hope the string continues, of course, and even more people come on board. But I think the crucial test is the next three months. There are a lot of newbies to comic-buying among the fandom, and their habit isn't ingrained. Adding the lackluster critical reception of #4 to a two-month wait and then a hand-off after that to a not-Joss-type-person? Iffy as far as readership goes, IMO. I don't think there'll be a total nosedive, but a drop into the 80 thousand range wouldn't surprise me. I'll be overjoyed if I'm wrong, but we won't know for a while.
People like Buffy?
Gawd knows why, isn't it that show about the blond girl fighting vampires ?

... hand-off after that to a not-Joss-type-person?

Well, it depends on whether the (potential) drop-off of Joss fans is off-set by the (potential) up-swing from BKV fans. There are a lot of people that buy stuff just because it's written by him, he's that good.

Course, it's also worth pointing out that 80k is still a very respectable figure, especially for a Dark Horse comic (that was as high as I dared hope it would ever sell before issue 1 came out). But yeah, since the majority of it won't be written by Joss, the figures for September (BKV's first issue) are probably gonna be closer to the average sales. Hopefully they'll stay astronomical but i'll settle for stellar ;).
Question for the people here who follow comics sales:

Is the trend of continued orders for Buffy #1 usual for a new comic that's getting good reviews by word of mouth? Or is it unusual due to the news still trickling among the preexisting tv show fanbase that 1) there is a comic, 2) it is Joss and 3) it is good? I still sometimes run into Buffy fans who are only sort of vaguely aware there is a comic.

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Good question. I think most if not all of the active Buffy fans are aware of the comic book. Whether they're all buying them is another story. Offline fans, hard to tell. Certainly Dark Horse played a blinder by advertising Buffy season 8 on the MySpace home page.

In terms of sales, I think we're still seeing the comic book shops still coming to terms with the massive interest. Once issue 6 hits the stands, it will be interesting to see if people will buy it for the brand name or for the author.
Those are some very encouraging sales and I just hope they hold up after Joss's first run is finished.
I think the people I've run into who are vaguely aware don't at all track Whedon-related news online. And I think a few of them are waiting to borrow a few issues through friends. I agree that Dark Horse has done a good job of advertising online (not to mention the many interviews Joss did). I'll also be curious to see what happens when the authors switch off. It seems that there will be enough unresolved storylines to keep anyone interested in the story invested (how will Dawn get un-gianted?!!).
I agree with Sunfire that the story is strong enough to keep the Buffy fans reading the comics, and I do think Saje is right: we might be adding some BKV fans. Of course we'll have to wait and see, but I'm hoping that the series will continue to do well. I do think that Jo Chen's amazing Faith cover is going to give a boast to issue #6!
All the art, including the inside, has been to die for.

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