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June 18 2007

Nathan Fillion Rumored to become a Comedian? Zach Snyder possibly thinking of Nathan as one his choices for the Watchmen movie. (According to

The article implies the The Comedian part is going to Thomas Jane though? It hints at 'the punisher'.
I would literally jump for joy if Nathan Fillion was cast in the movie adaptation of the greatest comic book story ever written.
I can't see him playing the Comedian but then I can't see anyone playing the Comedian. I have this great fear Watchmen will become the comic book equivalent of Bonfire of the Vanities.
I would love to see Nathan play the part , but I'm afraid to get my hopes up this early. (I just wanted people to see how casting news is kicking into high gear now.)Plus the character might just be too dark for him. Hasn't he said before he's not a fan of playing guys like this?

And yeah they throw around a couple of names in the article... Thomas Jane though? Can't see it.

Jackie Earle Haley as Rorschach would be insanely perfect though.

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You're right Simon, Bruce Wilis should play The Comedian. That's what you meant, yeah ?

(agreed, I just don't see how a film would add anything but then i've never really felt everything needs to be made into a film anyway. Except 'War and Peace' cos, y'know, huge ;-)

That said, Paddy Considine could've been good as Rorschach (as, I think, would've been the previously mooted Simon Pegg). Never heard of the current favourite though. Also have to say, he seems like a decent guy and very passionate but i'm not exactly convinced by Zack Snyder, had some issues with both the 'Dawn of the Dead' remake and '300'.
BTW Saje... bet you have heard of him. Ever see the Bad news bears?

Check out his picture thought and tell me he isn't creepy looking enough to play the part? I haven't seen Little Children but I hear he was great in it.
Ah, that guy. Yep, you're totally right SenseiJJ, i've heard of him, in fact he's one of those guys that crops up in loads of stuff (i've seen the 'Bad News Bears' though it was a while back - don't really remember anyone in it barring Walter Matthau).

Certainly got the look though for the most part i've only seen him in 'rent-a-baddie' roles so i've no idea if he's got the chops ('Little Children' sounds interesting though).
Agreed that Watchmen is the greatest ever, but Nathan and everyone else they are mentioning for The Comedian are all wrong. Bruce Willis is THE choice, thank you, Saje! The right age, the right roughness, just perfect. Nathan I could see as Nite Owl (although he's a little young and thin for the role, but it's a really good role) or Ozymandias (but I'm guessing that's the one they're offering to Jude Law, or Patrick Wilson). I haven't seen Little Children, but I know Jackie Earle Haley got an Oscar nomination for it, so he must be good at creepy (I think he played a child molester in it). Jason Patric could work as Doc Manhattan, no doubt -- I saw Narc, he was good in that. But, yeah, I worry similarly to Simon, not that this could be Bonfire of the Vanities (which, actually, I don't know that much about -- I think it was a big flop, right?), but that this could be V for Vendetta -- OK for those who don't know the original, a heartbreak for those who do, and only capturing a small portion of the original story. I really have to hope that the script is good, because Zack Snyder did some really rockin' work on 300, so if he has good material to work with, well -- *hopes* ;-)
The Punishing line I believe is actually a nod to Tom Berenger who was in the original Punisher film, and looks a lot like the character and has played similar roles before (Platoon).
Max Perlich (Whistler) should be Rorschach.

The Watchmen should be a 12 part mini-series on HBO.
That would be the coolest ever.

(I liked V for Vendetta, both the movie and the graphic novel.
I think the movie matches the spirit of the comic very well.)
Is everyone forgetting that The Comedian is supposed to be at least in his 60s? I suppose most of his appearances are flashbacks, but still. Ian McShane from Deadwood is like The Comedian made flesh.

I read Watchmen once when I was like 12 because people told me it was the greatest comic book of all time. IMO, it's way too heady and long. The Bonfire of the Vanities is a great comparison. It may be the greatest story ever told in a certain medium, but if it's too boring to get through, what does that matter to me? I get more enjoyment out of a single issue of Runaways than the whole Watchmen series.
Ian McShane, also a good suggestion (although I don't think it would be hard for Bruce Willis to play 60, he did it in 16 Blocks)! Tymen, I agree that V for Vendetta had the same spirit in both, but I didn't think the story was as rich in the movie, so that was my disappointment. (Also, the ending was different, IIRC.) But that's just going from a book to a movie -- you can't cover the same ground, there's not enough time -- so miniseries, as you suggest, Tymen, is a better way to go! ;-)

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I'm putting my bid in for Michael "Mr. Blonde" Madsen to play the Comedian. And how about Emma Caulfield as the Silk Spectre? ;)
although I don't think it would be hard for Bruce Willis to play 60

Well, he's in his 50s, so one would hope :)
Gotta say, though I was never stopped from reading anything as a kid (cheers, Mum and Dad ;) I wouldn't recommend 'Watchmen' for a 12 year old, IMO you're unlikely to get as much out of it as you could (and might put yourself off it for life). Just because it's a comic doesn't mean it's going to be light reading.

And I was actually being flip when I mentioned Bruce Willis but, y'know, I might've been flip like a fox because, on reflection, he actually could do it, reckon you're right billz.

(I thought the 'V for Vendetta' film was way better than it could've been - they changed things to make it more cinematic but the core of the comic - 'Valerie' - worked pretty well and the ideas were translated more or less intact. I'dve liked to see V be more morally ambiguous, to see them press the terrorist/freedom fighter question a bit harder but all in all it could've been a lot worse. Still vastly prefer the comic though, just feels more layered - and i've also got a soft spot for the little one-shots featuring 'V', in the context of the comic they really resonate IMO)
Luvly boy !
I can't comment on The Watchmen since I don't know the story, but I almost feel like starting an incognito subversive underground project to get Nathan Fillion some substantial work, because a) he deserves it, and b) we want to see him doing his thing.
N for Nathan, Tonya J? ;-)

Saje, the sequence about Valerie was the part of the movie I liked best, because they were so loyal to the book! Also, I didn't read Watchmen till last year, I don't think I would have gotten much out of it if I had read it before that. :-)
Be interesting to see how they age the actor from 16 to 60. Just bought the Absolute Edition of Watchmen :) (I think this is the 3rd time I've bought a copy of this :) )

Oh and first post from me on here. Hurray
And yes am very dodgy about a film version of Watchmen.

Now a film of Promethea would be fun.
Welcome to the Black, fmwt! :-)
I agree with fmwt that Promethea should be a film and I'd add that Joss should write and direct. I know it's a stretch for him but I'm sure he'd make due....magical places, "chosen" young female superheroes, long arching storylines.
Or Joss could do Strangers in Paradise? :)

And thanks Billz

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