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June 18 2007

Buffy Season 8: From The Mouth Of Babes. 11-year old 'Haileyscomic' offers her thoughts on issue #4 of Buffy Season 8 in the latest installment of her column on Pink Raygun.

While Hailey doesn't seem to have read the first three issues or seen the TV series, I think she offers an interesting (if not particularly favorable) viewpoint.

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At risk of sounding a bit patronising, I think she's stumbled onto something there. Where's the line between ironically subverting a cliché and perpetuating it ?

Which is to say, how are young girls that're new to the comics to know that Buffy "prettifies" herself partly to show that femininity does not equal weakness rather than assuming she's shown doing it for the same reason most other female comics characters look hot i.e. to please the overwhelmingly male readership ?

(and it's interesting to see even quite young kids being so media savvy and knowing the 'rules' of certain types of narrative, having a sort of instinctive grasp of film vocabulary that you probably wouldn't have seen even 10-15 years ago, in less examined times)

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I do think it's interesting that she seems to see Buffy as too prissy, but she clearly says she's a girl who isn't "trying to be a boy." There's definitely an awareness and a desire for balance there that I don't remember having or seeing when I was her age.

I'm also somewhat amused that the "official" review of #4 on Pink Raygun had the same issue with the rapid cuts not working quite as well on the page as it did on the screen.
I will respectfully disagree with everything she said.

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