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June 18 2007

(SPOILER) Pics and plot info for the last two episodes of Drive. These'll air on the Fourth of July.

at least we get to see them--
What an odd choice of day to burn off the episodes. I guess we should be glad they're even airing them? Welp, go set your VCRs, TiVo's, and DVRs, and go watch those fireworks. Just drive safe, ok? ;)


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Agreed, rivergirl -- unlike The Inside, these are being shown. Sure, Drive fans are getting the short end of the stick, but we're taking it, and that's, er, something. *sets VCR* ;-)
Heh, double post. Silly, silly interwebs. Er, carry on. ;-)

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It's probably a bad idea for me to see these. I will, but it's just ripping open some freshly scabbed over wounds.
Quote: "However, one interesting thing about their announcement of the series remaining two episodes debuting on July 4 is that they're referring to the last episode as "SEASON FINALE," not "SERIES FINALE.""

Somehow I imagine this is just a simple mistake - I can't see a second season being picked up...

It's a shame that us UKnians will never get to see any of it (legally, at any rate...)

Of course, as one of the aforementioned UKnians, I obviously haven't seen all four episodes of Drive back-to-back, so couldn't possibly comment on how brilliant I thought it was...!
Here is a
Shiny Drive banner if anyone wants to promote Drive on their website/myspace/replies etc

If you know how, you can link it to
where US internet users can watch Drive episodes online for free and become Drive's friends.

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Aw, damn it, the "holmes" guy doesn't die.

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