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"I wanted to do a show about people who are not 'super,' just working-class people, the people history steps on. (Joss on Firefly)"
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June 18 2007

(SPOILER) Morena Baccarin's "Heartland" reviewed at The Futon Critic. The show debuts tonight on TNT at 10PM (EST), which got an initial 13-episode order.

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I'm about half-way through the show, but haven't seen much of Morena's character. I hope she plays a greater role.
Oh, Morena how could you! I detest medical shows - oh well.
That was pretty underwhelming. And I didn't think there was any way of making MB anything less than gorgeous, but I didn't think she was well served by the make-up people for this. I hope for MB's sake that the show (and her part) improves.

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