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June 18 2007

Gray Matters. Jane Espenson blogs about making the good a little more evil and the evil a little more good, and links back to Joss' Whedonesque post on the Du'a Khalil murder.

I love reading Jane's blog. Wonderful post.
Yeah, same here. Excellent stuff.
I think there is a place for the extreme characters at times but I agree with and also like thta word "realification.
Although short, this is one of her best, I think. It really gets at the heart of what makes tension in a script, at what makes something so compelling that you don't turn away because you don't quite know what will happen, as even the good guys' white hats are dirty. And I like the line about Baltar as "disastrously selfish, not evil."
Leave it to Jane to hit the nail on its head. It's perfectly natural for a person to look out for their self interests, it's called survival. Where we draw the line for ourselves between right and wrong is the area that gets muddled. A few cases in point:

Reunion(AtS): When Angel turned his back on the W&H lawyers to be massacred by Dru and Darla. (You made this bed, now lie in it.)

Helpless(BtVS): Giles betrays Buffy. (It's my job.)

Selfless(BtVS): Anya returns to her old ways. (Respect for self and peers.)

A Measure of Salvation(BSG): Helo and Apollo argue the points of genocide.

I could go on, but in each of these shows, you caught the point of each character and the mind set they had. Gray matter indeed. I for one love these shows because they show us the human weakness.

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