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June 19 2007

Tony Head appearance on MI-5 is part Tuesday night nitro on BBC America. For those in the US the cable channel BBC America will be airing the episode of MI-5 which guest stars Tony Head. Click on the MI-5 video link to see a trailer of the episode.

On a side note the same episode has Hugh Laurie guesting as well.

Oh My.
i must watch this episode.
A not to be missed episode - among many! I caught some of the series when A&E was showing it, but didn't see them all. Now with Netflix I'm on series 3 - some of which I've seen. Recommend this series known as "Spooks" in the UK quite highly.
This is the episode that sold me on MI-5. I recommend it.
If it's been shown in the States before I'm not utterly sure why we need this link.
I never knew MI-5 was on A&E, according to BBC America this is the new season for the US showing.
Thanks for the link-I never knew it was on A&E either.
It's a brilliant episode -- I definitely recommend it. MI-5 is a fantastic series.
Ah, the one downside of 'House', Hugh Laurie isn't able to turn in his engagingly slimy performance as Jools Siviter, MI6 in 'Spooks'. 'Tis a good episode indeed.

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