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July 31 2002

(SPOILER) A done deal? Kim and Kelley Deal of The Breeders are rumoured to be making a guest appearance on BtVS, the NME reports.

The Breeders have been playing a cover of the Buffy Theme in their live sets this year and are set to release it as an extra track on their upcoming single, 'Son of Three', to be release in the UK on September 2.

A spokesperson for The Breeders told the NME: "The band have always acknowledged they watch too much TV, and the upshot of covering the 'Buffy' theme is that the producer, a long-time Breeders fan, is working on getting Kim and Kelley into an episode in the next series."

(Very Speccy & Kinda Spoilery)
The most logical speculation based on this tidbit is that The Breeders will perform at The Bronze some time this season, indicating that the writers are still using The Bronze as a locale for story development. Where else would The Breeders conceivably get written in? It'd be cute to let The Breeders have speaking roles, perhaps as one episode villians or something, but I'm not holding my breath for that. They'll probably just be in an episode playing in the background while our Scoobies are all angsty over something or other.

This means at least one scene this season will take place at The Bronze. Not that this is very surprising. The Bronze is not a location that's in dispute as returning. However, it's still up in the air whether or not we'll ever see Spike's Crypt or The Magic Box again. Early reports indicated both of those sets were torn down to make room for new sets. Uncertain how dependable that spoilage is though. I still think Xander should try to rebuild the Magic Box to attempt (failingly) to impress Anya, but he may have his hands full with his new employer, the construction company, rebuilding the new school. Alas, the Magic Box may be no more.

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