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"Two by two, hand of blue, two by two, hands of blue...."
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May 14 2003

Two watchers, a witch and a wolf...

Very cool.
So (as if anyone cares) I like this Aly way more than the glitzy painty BareThisNThat version. Here's my vote for Regular Girls vs. Post Production.

OTOH, porn-talking Aly is tres funny. Have I just backed myself into a cliche? Regular Girl by day, Sexy Trampy by night -- gee, nobody else likes that. [shakes head at self, "Wanker."]
OT: Someone confronted Tony Head with a question about Giles/Spike slash at a recent con appearance. I believe his response was "You have GOT to be kidding me." Followed by trademark giggling.
Awww....this is too cute. Does that mean Alexis really wears glasses sometimes? (My husband's fetish for glasses-wearers appears to be rubbing off on me. Yowzers.)

And bogu_salias, I also love p0rn-talking Aly. Too funny for words.
Wow. Alexis's got some really trendy trainers.
Ha. Porntalking Alley, the new Harry Potter locale? Our Harry's growing up. In the fifth magical installment, Harry, Ron, and Hagrid meet a red-haired witch in Porntalking Alley, where... Oh no you don't, Mr. Evil Keyboard.
lol. I want my own p0rn-talking Aly action figure.
bogu_salias, that's the single funniest thing I've read for a long time. Me likes :)
All that comes up here with that link is a blank page. Blank as in empty, white, zip, nothing, nada, not so much, nothing to see...
Power - maybe the server went down for a minute. If you're still having trouble, you can see the best photo here.

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