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June 19 2007

Buffy Omnibus Volume 1 Preview. Dark Horse has put up a 26 page preview of the upcoming Buffy Omnibus Volume 1 which will be released on July 18.

I can't decide whether I want this. On the one hand, I never was nuts for these comics; I thought that, while in the basic spirit of Buffy (at least early Buffy), they didn't do a great job of capturing the characters. Oz in particular.

On the other hand, pretttttty.
I think I might get this one. Especially since I haven't read the pre-season 1 comics yet, and it's a lot cheaper then buying the graphic novels.
How much of this is written by Joss? any of it? While I read probably more comics than anyone my age should, I never read any of the old buffy stuff.
I believe that the closest anything in here comes to being written by Joss is the Origins comic, which is based on his original script for the Buffy movie.
The Origin is adapted from the Buffy film script. Viva Las Buffy and Slayer Interrupted appeared late in the comicbook run, they are not written by Joss but are really quite good - about Buffy running away to Las Vegas with Pike and the events around her leaving Los Angeles and moving to Sunnydale. Also, they feature Dawn and some interesting "prefiguring".

It is not "canonical" Buffy but it is rather fun - The Omnibus wouldn't be a waste of anyone's time.
And plus, reasonable sales figures equate to people sitting up and noticing that "Helloooooo- we(the fans) are still here!"

If it leads to something else in the future, it's well worth the $20-25 buck investment.
I was definitely not going to get this cause it's not canon and also cause of money, but hey that preview looked great! So I'm now totally sold on it. Not only does it look like fun, but the thing that really sold me was Dawn being there. Now that looks interesting! I can't wait!
I'm not a big comics fan either (well, pretty much no comics except a little Buffy and Fray) but I'll be getting this. I've read Origins and Viva Las Buffy; both are quite well done. Slayer Interrupted deals with the backstory of "Normal Again" and Buffy's time in a mental institution; I'm really looking forward to that!
I missed the boat on the Buffy comics first time round so I've ordered this from Amazon to see what they're like.
Interesting how they skipped over the movie script adaptation (which wasn't great) to the middle of the book for a preview. :-)

The "Season Zero" arcs are great stuff, though. Think what you want about canon, but those stories fit perfectly into a period we knew little about before.

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