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June 19 2007

Jeff Mariotte Interview. It's really about his new Supernatural tie-in novel, but he also discusses how he first began writing the Buffy and Angel books.

Gee, when I get interviewed or reviewed, nobody ever posts about it here. I'm feeling distinctly unloved. *sniffs* *goes into corner to eat worms*

Seriously, though, nice interview. Jeff is a good egg, and it's an honor to be sharing the opening of the Supernatural novel line with him.
Krad, your latest Buffy novel is in the small box of books I'll be reading when I recover from surgery. I only put stuff in there that I'm dying to read, so to speak. You don't have to eat those worms.
It's okay -- they're gummi worms. *grin*

Mmmmm..... gummis..............

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