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June 20 2007

Spike: Shadow Puppets #1 released today. The new series from the Spike: Asylum and the upcoming Angel Season 6 writer Brian Lynch.

Hooray! I hope everyone likes it.
I'm sure we will when some of us manage to get hold of a copy. *sob*

To say I'm looking forward to this series is a huuuuuge understatement!
I finally ordered the Spike: Asylum TPB and am looking in my mail everyday for that.

In terms of Shadow Puppets, do they schedule publishing dates for TPB's before the series has even started, or do they have to wait to see how big a success it is first?

(Note: Positive phrasing was a conscious choice. No need to explain negative scenarios. ;-) )
After much trepidation, because non-Joss sanctioned Buffy/Angel comics generally suck as a rule, I gave Asylum a shot recently(hey, Joss liked it, that counts for a lot to me!).

I was pleasantly surprised to find that it didn't suck. In fact, it was quite enjoyable. I have a bit less concern now about a non-Jossverse writer being involved in official comics. I was going to read the new Angel comics regardless, because Joss is involved, but now I don't fear suckage as much!
Very nice art work. I might have to buy those comics as well! Is this set after or before NFA?
Any one have any idea when the Angel series will be out ?? Chomping at the proverbial bit here !
Is this set after or before NFA?

Noooo ! The question that must never be asked ! There goes the universe, torn asunder, bits flying everywhere. Pity cos, as a great hero once remarked, "That's where I keep my stuff !".

(there isn't usually an official IDW line on that but i'd speculate that it's probably definitely kinda sorta ish before NFA, in a post-ghost/pre-NFA gap)

Might manage to get into town tomorrow, failing that Saturday.
I'm going to my LCS tomorrow morning but when I asked they couldn't guarantee me that they'd have it in but I'm hoping they do.
Hooray! I hope everyone likes it.

I enjoyed it very much! I think you've found both Spike's and Lorne's 'voices'.
Waiting for it in the mail now from TFAW. Got TPB of Asylum, and thought it very cool, Brian. Looking forward to some more Lorne; I am very attached to the Green Guy.
Loved it! There were so many little things that I found hilarious. I'm already excited for the next issue. And thank you Brian for bringing Ratio back.
I, too, can't wait to have this delivered from tfaw into my greedy little mitts. Thank you, Brian, for doing such a great job of Spike: Asylum. Like toast, I'm especially partial to "the Green Guy." You captured him beautifully in S: A. Kudos.
Random question, but... With Lynch writing the canonical Angel comic, will "Shadow Puppets" and "Asylum" be grandfathered into canon? Or, will they remain in the shady "might've happened" kind of continuity of most tie-in comics/novels?
And speaking of canon: Spike: "I really hate......official cannon."

I also loved the little Angel voodoo doll hanging from the lamp.

Thankfully my LCS did get this in and I picked it up this morning. :)
I just read it this morning and I loved it! The banter between Spike and Lorne is great and the story itself is very entertaining. Thanks Brian for another successfully done Spike story. Looking forward to the next issue!
Brian....I really am enjoying this series. I read issue one kinda quickly I admit, cause I was supposed to be getting hubby's dinner ready...but hey...he can lose a few pounds. Right??

Anyway...I need to go back and check out a lot of the artwork which is a hoot I must say...especially the lil Angel voodoo toten. HEEEEEEE...wonder where Spike might stick the pins in it???And for some reason Spike lighting his ciggie on the flaming guys head just cracked me up.

I love seeing Spike and Lorne together. I truly wished we had a lot more for Lorne to do in ATS S5, but he has always been a cool character to me, and I like seeing him and Spike as 'friends'. Spike needs friends!!!!

Thanks for bringing us more Spike, Brian. I guess you know by now that a lot of us are really happy to see more of Blondie Bear, and appreciate this gift you and IDW are giving us.

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Ooops...double posted!!!!!

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I read it about an hour ago and absolutely loved it. So much I'm finding it difficult to say something coherent just now.

Hopefully later.
I picked this up and read it yesterday. Based on how much I enjoyed Brian's last book, Spike: Asylum, and the premise for this one - Spike and Lorne on a road trip to Japan to battle ninja puppets (plus the hint that Betta George would be brought back), I was really looking forward to this book - and it didn't disappoint.

Pairing up Spike and Lorne is brilliant. Lots of funny - the Angel voodoo doll, "I hate official canon" (which cracked me up - especially given the recent lengthy and heated canon war), the airplane passengers, "whiniest vampire", plus so much more. Thanks for a fun issue, Brian. I can't wait for the next one.

Check out Brian Lynch's reasons to buy Spike: Shadow Puppets for some hints about the upcoming issues.
Thanks guys! Your reactions are really making my day.

And the little Angel-doll is aaaaaaaall Franco. He's awesome.

I really don't hate official canon. Nor does Spike.
Just got through reading the issue and i liked it quite a bit. The artwork, while not as complex as Btvs S8, was still very good and some panels were exquisite in detail. I liked the way the television was drawn (in front of Lorne watching) and the details of the wee evil puppets. The image of Lorne beside the airplane's window was also quite striking.

Not being a reader of comics like most of you are, I sometimes have trouble following the plotline from panel to panel. I had no problem doing so with this issue. I could hear the character's voices clearly and followed the story as it went by easily. It read more like fiction than a comic to me.

Excellent job. Looking forward to the next issue.
Hilarious first issue. Loads of great details. Great job Brian!

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