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June 20 2007

Digital effects artist Bryan Whitaker live interview on 'Film Nut'. In 30 minutes (8PM PDT, 3AM UTC/GMT) the live, *interactive* webcast show will interview a Zoic Studios digital effects artist from "Buffy" "Angel," and "Firefly" (and "How I Met Your Mother" and "Dracula 2000"). Also at Archive.

Contact options (contacting before the show starts is encouraged):

- E-mail (best way):
- IM (AOL, Yahoo, MSN): thestreamdottv (MSN users should search for
- Text chat room with the video feed:

Bryan Whitaker's website has stills of Buffy "dusting" plus Firefly's Ariel cityscape, Out of Gas fire, and War Stories "spidery" torture device. It also has a Quicktime demo real with Firefly's Ariel cityscape and Out of Gas fire.

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They're checking the microphones right now. Exciting stuff!
It was mostly general tech stuff, but there was about two minutes on Firefly at around the 30-minute mark.
Anything really interesting, Ying? I watched the beginning of the interview, but that was it.

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