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June 21 2007

'Whedonphilia: Joss Whedon Takes Over PDX.' Alternative newspaper The Portland Mercury talks up the "Weekend of Whedon" -- the Buffy Sing-a-Long and the Can't Stop the Serenity Screenings -- coming to Oregon this Friday and Saturday.

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It's rather a barrage in this issue, as it turns out. The screening is also on their "My What A Busy Week" page at the start of their culture/entertainment section. There's a list of "can't miss" Buffy episodes. And the screening's 1/4 page ad is at the back, right opposite the comics.

ETA: Joy, we get the double-hit. The piece I've been expecting in The Oregonian, our paper of record hits today as well.

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The Oregonian article is very thorough. I'm going to have to pick up a copy.
bix- Thanks for the Oregonian link. I think it's awesome that Scott Allie's not only going to attend the Serenity screeneings, but the sing along as well! :)
Jeez, this Oregonian article is awesome. It's plastered over 2/3 of the front page of the Living section. Starts with the promotional photo of the crew on the bridge with the caption, "Don't worry 'Serenity' crew: Portland loves you." Next to the start of the article is a picture of "Buffy" playing at the Mission Theater with a caption explaining that "Firefly" will start there on July 10. The pull quote is me saying, "It's a weekend of Whedon. Who's not going to want to participate in that". A "fact box" gives the details on our screenings and the "Buffy" musical. And the continuation of the article is easy to find at the top of the back page of the Living section.
The pull quote is me saying, "It's a weekend of Whedon. Who's not going to want to participate in that".

And now I'm pull-quoting you quoting the article quoting you. Also, River is made of chocolate, pass it on.
grr...argh, how i wish i had a transportation vehicle. Eugene is too far away to beg a ride from someone.

River is made of chocolate? Yummy.
Eugene is too far away to beg a ride from someone.

I doubt that, since there will be Eugene Browncoats coming up.
I'm making the road trip once again to Portland, the honorary capital of Whedonia. See you Saturday!

(Yes, I know Seattle is closer to me, but somehow, I am strangely drawn to PDX again and again.)
m'cookies, give me a holler. I want you to come to the shindig so we can catch up. We haven't talked in ages.

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Isn't the capital of Whedonia wherever Joss Whedon happens to be at the moment?

Oh, honorary capital. Yeah that sounds like Portland.

Those are awesome articles.

Among the highlights: Viewers gets a chance to yell, "Shut up, Dawn!" each time the annoying character of Buffy's younger sister opens her mouth.


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It's a good thing I'm not rich. If I were, I'd be a traveling groupie, attending anything jossverse related.
Yay Portland, the honorary capital of Whedonia :)

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Don't christen us yet. I still have ticket sales angst.
I'm with you, Sunfire. I am enamored with the notion of attending a OMWF sing along...but...that kind of negativity sprayed onto something I hold so dear, well, that...that's not something I want to attend.

(Rhae, we don't sign our posts, the sig is already there -Z.)

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I'm pretty sure the "Shut up, Dawn" is all in good fun. No reason to think it is negative.
I know that's the party line from the people who put on the shows, but I think there's ample reason to think at least some of it is negative.

I haven't checked it out in years, but TWOP used to have a Dawn thread called "Get out, get out, get out!", which was pretty much all negative all the time. So much so that a newbie once asked if it was okay to say something nice about Dawn or Michelle's acting on it. She thought maybe it wasn't permitted. And other boards had their share of very vocal Dawn-haters. There's even an article somewhere in the archives about McClung, the founder of the musical evenings, that mentions him chastising some audience member for yelling "Shut up, bitch!" each time. And there were certainly early performances where some people who went were made uncomfortable by how vehement the attacks were. Sounds negative to me.

Don't get me wrong, anybody has the right to dislike any character on the show and to hold forth on it at length on boards. But to think that those people are only yelling at Dawn to shut up in a spirit of fun? Not likely.

Also, articles that say one of the highlights of the show is to yell at the "annoying character" of Dawn solidify that group of fans' opinions about Dawn's character into the conventional wisdom. And yelling "Shut up!" every time she opens her mouth? Dawn had some funny lines in her song to Sweet and in her comments about giving birth to a pterodactyl. She was endearing when she said singing and dancing were romantic. She was moving when she repeated Buffy's line that the hardest thing in this world is to live in it. We're supposed to drown those out by yelling at her?

Grrr. Every time I've talked myself into going to see the show when it comes here, one of these articles comes out and makes me want to stay home.

I know, I know. "Lighten up, dude."

Maybe tomorrow.

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shambleau, believe me, I have mixed feelings about the sing-a-long thing. I make no secret of them. I'll see this while it's in town because the only experience I have of the concept is when a very large bunch of people who WERE NOT going to Buffy at the Mission Theatre every single Tuesday night showed up for the musical episode and imposed their way of watching it on all of us regulars.

It was exapserating in its rudeness, and I have no doubt that it colors my opinions on the idea itself. To what degree, I guess I will find out. (But at least in this case it's designed to be experienced in a certain way, and not a bunch of people swarming into an existing environment.)
Negativity notwithstanding, I'm proud that P-town is so Buffy-friendly. I knew I wasn't alone in my years-long obsession with the show and fanatical inability to let go of it after the fact :) It's something in the air, I swear it. Also being that I live just off a street named "Sweetgale" and am constantly reminded of Sunnydale, well...

Whoa, I just realized that. Coolness.
I think that people fail to realize that they were supposed to be annoyed by Dawn sometimes and its nothing against the actress. In fact it speaks volumes of how well Michelle played the part that she was at times extremely annoying and at times heartbreakingly sweet/endearing. Put yourself in Dawnie's shoes for a couple of minutes and it becomes incredibly obvious that she behaved exactly as 90% of us would have. Well played, MT :)

p.s. - Knowing this community as well as I do, I find it hard to believe that anything like this is NOT done in the spirit of fun (for 90% of folks at least, and c'mon why give the other 10% any of your time?).
The idea just made me kind of sad, is all. It might be like people yelling at Brad during Rocky Horror, when it's usually all in good fun. But the Buffy fandom is intense at times, so I could also see it being otherwise. And that kind of heckling weirds me out. I haven't been to one of the shows, so I don't really know. I imagine it depends on the group.

I hope you have a better experience this time, b!x.
Forgot to add: I hope that the articles help last-minute ticket sales pick up, b!x.
Forgot to add: I hope that the articles help last-minute ticket sales pick up, b!x.

Me, also! I have not seen a sales update from our venue since Wednesday, so I have no idea. Heh.

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