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June 21 2007

Toy Story one of the 100 best American films of all time. This according to American Film Institute's list (released last night). The Whedon-co-scripted film shares the distinction, with Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, of being one of the only two animated films on the list.

Overall not a bad list IMHO; I've seen all but half a dozen or so, and most of them are deserving enough. And while there's no Serenity, I guess we can live with there being at least a little Whedony goodness.

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That link requires a login. Perhaps there's one open to the public?
You can register quickly enough at .
I've found a link which has the full list so I've changed the URL accordingly.
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While I'm pleased as punch that Joss has a film he co-wrote on this list, I am not fond of the movie list-making process. To be honest, the trend bugs me. When the first AFI list was released in 1998, no film younger that 10 years was even eligible. I love that, it takes at least that long for a film to prove that it will stand the test of time. Just look at some of those 80's films with their effects that have not aged well. This is not to say that I don't believe that The Lord of the Rings will stand the test of time; it's just that I believe that it's too new to be included on a list such as this. So, for that matter, is Serenity, as much as I love it. Also, I noticed that there were at least 10 new titles on this list, some eligible the last time they made this list. It just goes to prove that the landscape of film, and what some people consider a great film, is ever-changing. Honestly, I think if you're going to release a list like this, it should be in alphabetical order, and not ranked, if only because taste is such a personal thing- what one person considers great, another might consider crap. Hell, I know people who hate Citizen Kane; I even had one person accuse me of only liking it because my film professor said it was a great movie, even though I first saw it before I ever took a film course.

Anyway, sorry about the film rant - it's sort of a pet peeve of mine, and I admit, possibly a very annoying one.

Still, happy for Joss. :)
I am not fond of the movie list-making process.

Perhaps you should make a list of ten reasons why ;)
Wouldn't making a list of my very own brand me a hypoctire?

Isn't there a special level in hell for them, too?

(Right above the Special Hell, perhaps?)
Ah yes, Toy Story...the way that Whedon has value to my 'soccer-mom' sister who scrunches her face when I talk about Buffy. I think she still doesn't believe me...
I agree with you entirely, TaraMaclay! It's like radio lists of the 100 best songs ever! where most of the top 20 are from the last two years [visualize this 50-year-old rolling her eyes and shaking her head here ;-D]. I think Serenity will stand the test of time and gradually creep onto lists such as this one, perhaps not in the top 50 of general lists but certainly in the top 100.

And of course we all know Goners will debut in the top 10 immediately!

Edit: stupid frakkin typos.

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